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Yes, I got mine. It's true. It's a one time use code for an additional 15% off the regular 30% off.
Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana Anyone know how the 379x last fits or what it's comparable to? I know it was made for the japanese market but couldn't find anything on search. I asked Alden once and they said the Barrie is most similar in sizing. I think the 379x is for the Japanese market.
Do you have any measurements? Particularly interested in leg opening.
Nice boots. What was the turnaround time?
Better quality leather and construction.
That's terrible. Those are at best seconds. They should not have left the factory as firsts.
The coupon was only good for phone in or in store for Aldens. That's they way they always do it for Alden.
The 10% Alden sale is over. There may be select models on sale. Actually when I placed my order for the sale they said their computers were down. Go figure.
No pics?
Any pics?
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