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These are the famous Polo/ C&J shell cordovan Darlton/Marlow loafers in size 8.5 D in a beautiful dark brown color. These do fit slightly larger than labelled more like a 9D. Obviously these are used. Comes with original box. Previous owner placed tongue pads in these which can be removed. Purchased from another seller here and I'm just trying to get back what I paid for it. SOLD.
I live in bucks county so send me a pm if you questions. In general taxes and property costs are lower here. You'll get more land for your money. 3.07% flat state tax. Schools here are all regionalized. Many people here with the means do send their kids to private school either around here or in NJ. Agree with previous poster that many people will live outside Princeton rather than in it due to high taxes there.
That's an interesting grain to the leather. What kind of leather is that medtech? Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat Good luck with the call tomorrow. FWIW, I received my relasted Westminsters today - HAF sole, full sock liner, metal toe taps. I kopped these 7-8 years ago during a sale and they're in great condition; I think the price of the relasting, though, was over 2/3 of the price I paid back then.
Will there be an option of a darker brown fox fur trim for the parka vs natural fox fur?
Wow. How'd I miss this... I actually bought a pair of EG dovers from him way back when. He probably replaced them with some JL's judging by the collection. As I recall, I believe he was somehow acquainted with aportnoy...perhaps a long lost cousin.
Both of you are candidates for gardasil. As posted above, there are several different strains of HPV. Gardasil protects against 4 of them. So she probably has contracted one of the strains, you may or may not have contracted any of the strains if you are sexually active. From the website: "If you're a young adult who is already sexually active, you may still benefit from GARDASIL. That's because even if you have been exposed to HPV, you may not have been exposed...
You know there's a vaccine for this.
I have both a goodwear and an Aero A-2. The quality of the leather on the goodwear and the craftsmanship is amazing. Probably an authentic A-2 would not have such good leather or quality however. Supposedly the cut of the goodwears are supposed to be more authentic compared to the Aero's but I've never seen an authentic A-2 in real life so I can't comment. The Aero is a very nice jacket too. It just depends on what you're looking for and how much you're willing to pay...
Yes, the shoemart has sales twice a year. They will send out a coupon for 10% for the site, but say that they exclude Aldens on the email. However if you call they will honor it. I believe the sales are usually in Feb and July.
Nice u-tips. Where did you get these from if I may ask?
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