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There seems like a lot of fans of Nudie jeans here. I'm thinking of getting some. Which one's do you have? How long did you go before washing them? How did you get rid of the stink? Any one know any online stores that carry them?
Agree with ImageWis and others. I have several early Pink shirts where the cut was much better along with the quality. They used to utilize MOP buttons but no longer. Last month, I bought one of their stock ones because of an emergency. Went to the Boston store. The shirt is bigger than previous iterations with very large cuffs. I was practically swimming in it. The H & K shirts I recently received however are beautiful.
Was wondering if any one has had experience with the Loomstate jeans. Not talked about too much here. They are from the makers of Rogan and are made from organic cotton at a slightly lower price point. Haven't seen too many retailers with them either.
Thanks for the heads up. I just got a fake pair of LTD's as well and am now going to try and get my money back.
Any idea how much the MTM Edward Greens were running for?
Yes. I knew I was taking a chance on line. In aldens I'm usually an 8.5 E. I ordered a 8F on the 202 last, chesnut color.
I just received my EG fawsley's from the sale and I'm wondering why the shoe is labelled as a 8/8.5 on the box and inside the shoe. I was told they were a size 8UK. Does the 8.5 refer to the US size? Or is this some sort of in between size? They are in fact slightly big for me and I'm usually a US 8.5.
Yes, I was recently at Saks too and noticed the increase in price. I guess that's the MSRP now.
Thanks for the info. Any idea on the price they're going to charge?
Oh, thanks. Didn't think I would get an answer.
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