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Coke in the car. Tsk, tsk.
Looks like an 82 or 888 last, no?
Unfortunately the other Charvet's I've had pulled easily. Any pics?
Besides the splotchiness. Those are nice EGs. Which ones are those?
Looks great. Can't wait.
The return of the sequels. First Rocky now this? He should be tearing up nursing homes and golf courses not people's throats.
I wish you guys were around when I was in college.
Do you know of Thomas Mahon? He's a bespoke tailor that was most recently at Anderson Sheppard. I have no first hand experience with him but based on his pictures and through the grapevine, I would try him first for bespoke. I know he has made bespoke 3/4 coats. He does make trips to NY. See his website
How about panna cotta? They're a nice light dessert and generally pretty easy to make.
Way too sack like. Mitterand was a good dresser as I recall.
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