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Adding Pacino and Barkin was not a good idea. They just raised the average age of the actors by like 30 years. I thought this was supposed to be a "rat pack" movie for the younger Hollywood set.
I've been thinking about a pair too. I heard they run small and to size 1 in up. Can anyone speak about sizing?
wow... i guess i should get some pants from him.
Here's one suggestion. Go to Union Square for a day or half a day. There you will find DSW, discount shoes, Filene's Basement, discount clothes and many restaurants. Paragon Sporting goods is close by as well. Chain retailers are not too far away on 5th Ave. There is a Whole Foods there as well to pick up quick snacks and prepared foods. In addition there are many family restaurants there including Blue Water Grill, which is seafood, Olive's, Mediterannean,...
I like Miss Korea's name...Honey Lee.
I find that most American wines under $20 are barely drinkable. Agree with the other suggestion of looking for European wines in this price range. I particulary like Spanish wines here.
Has she had any surgery? The nose looks different. And the chest well...
Agree, not the most flattering shot of Ivanka IMHO. Do cheesecake shots of her exist? Although I like big sports watches. The big sports watch with the suit does not seem to mesh.
Somebody made a positive post about Red Wing belts a while back. Good value for the quality apparently. I'm curious myself given the price.
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