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Another sad episode in Big JD's life.
2,150,000 is the starting bid. A little pricey.
More praise for Parachutes. Got my Lee repros and SDA T-shirts.
Maybe I'm missing it. Where does it say tax free outside EU?
I think the jacket is cooler than the jeans. Anyone know who makes the jacket?
Besides the buttons, something looks out of proportion. But I like it. Might think about spicing up the pocket square, maybe something with a contrasting edge.
Right now, I seem to be buying a lot of SDA stuff. Just can't get enough of the pigs.
Ari Gold is the best part about the show. The dynamic between him and Lloyd just gets better and better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red A number of girls who work in my office are much better looking than she is and benefit from not having had boob jobs. Could we see some pictures of this "office"? Especially for those of us in offices with fat American women?
Prepare to lose a friend.
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