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Any idea what kind of guy he is? White collar type? lawyer, banker etc prob some solid color buttondown shirt. Or is he a anti-establishment type? in which case he might distrust people who dress up at all. I don't know if he didn't like you from the start, it prob doesn't matter what you wear.
I actually really like the Chile 62. One of the most comfortable adidas trainers I've every worn. Any one got any recommendations for any other pair of comfortable adidas?
Quote: Originally Posted by WesternBlot It was my staple food in college. (And it still is, although I've started adding mushrooms now.) Yes, the variations never end. Add mushrooms, peppers, meatballs, etc, either separately or together.
Who is Jack Simpson?
Sent pm regarding T&A pants.
don't forget spaghetti. all you need is a jar of sauce and some dried pasta.
I think I asked this question last time but did not get a response. Is this suit black or gray?
I have a SLVR. And I know several people that have the RAZR. They all seem to suffer from below average reception. They look nice though.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy ......... Is that a man or a woman?
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