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Yea, it was published March 9, 2003. I didn't catch that either. I wonder how they were able to get around the laws.
Interesting article about the restructuring of Inverallan due to minimum wage laws in Scotland. Apparently all the sweaters are now made in Ireland and India.
I'd be in for that.
I would like to see a plain toe loafer in the hatch grain. Also a matching belt would be nice.
That's too bad. With the weak yen it would be nice to have a reliable service out there.
Thanks for the feedback.
Anybody use Sharp service recently with feedback, good or bad?
I'll go $275.
Sure. Last time round it was $175 a jacket, what a steal. Wonder what it would be this time.
+1. Would prefer a classic Carmina wingtip or simple monk.
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