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Hi guys.   I have two pairs in 348-last. One in UK8, which is too big, and one in UK7,5, which is to small (uncomfortable at end of the day and blister on my left heel after 5 minutes walking). I think I'm an actual UK7,5 but the 348-last is just not a good last for me.    The guy from the shop said that the 341, 360 & 363-lasts would fit me much better than the 348-last. I tried the 363-last in UK 7,5 and it seemed very comfortable, even before break in.   Does this...
Hello guys I bought a pair of Alden calf skin boots on a double waterlock sole (Whatever that is). I'm fine in the toe box, no blisters or pain, but my heels become really red by the end of the day and it's not the most comfortable feeling (no blisters though). Are the double waterlock soles harder to break in then single soles or are these soles flex soles that should break in easily? I have worn them for 3,5 days now I'm wondering if they are not a half size too...
Bought these beauties from Frans Boone (picture also from fransboonestore.com). On the grant last. I have low-insteps and I think it's a nice last for people in my situation. Most britisch dress shoes (C&J, Loake,...) have proved to be to roomy around the instep for my feet so I'm very happy to have these Aldens. They are my first Aldens, but not my last I think :-)  
Hey guys,   Does anyone know how the Alden grant last compares to the C&J's lasts, especially the 348-last? I have a C&J oxford in size UK7,5 (width E) and I find this shoe a little narrow.   Will an Alden boot on the grant last, size US 8,5 (width D) give me a little more room in the toe area?   Thx for you opinions!
 Just like Soender, I would say no. I have the Edgware Oxfords in size UK8, and I have the same size for the Conistons. Safer to try them out somewhere before you buy.
What do you mean with 'hard wearing'? That they are durable, or that they are hard to break in?
² Galways, by far the best looking shoes out there. Should start saving for a pair, just a one.
I'm surprised that there isn't more attention for JM Weston on this forum. Last night I saw these great looking boots and now I want to spend 700 euros...    
You can find dealers on the website of C&J: http://www.crockettandjones.com/stockist
Anybody who knows how the 224-last (chiltern, chertsey) compares to the 348-last. The 224 is not elongated I guess but what about room in the toe box? Thx beforehand!
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