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I don't like it; the way I do it is perfect for me :)
 The first few wears will always beat up the toe the most. After that, it will stabilize and wear slower. I also have a gait which wears out the toe faster than the rest of the sole. After a year or so, I will ask my local cobler to replace the toe of the sole with a new piece of leather or rubber (not a resole). When I later sent the shoes to C&J for a resole this replacement of the toe of the sole is normally not a reason for C&J to refuse the demand for resole. 
My Coniston's, visiting Oxford.  
Hi guys. Small sizing question. I have a 7.5 UK in most C&J-shoes (348, 363) but size up half a size for the Coniston (325-last) to compensate for the shorter length.    Now I would like to buy an oxford with more toe room then on the 348 or 363 last and I have my eye on the new Connaught in dark brown leather. think I should probably size up half a size to UK8 to compensate for it's shorter length compared to 363/348 lasts.    Somebody who ha shoes on both 348/363...
Hehehe, nice! And interesting info for people with sizing questions :) Thx for sharing!
Hello. Sorry to bore you guys with a sizing question. I know most members recommend to size down half a size from Grant-last to Barrie-last. I have boots in the Grant last in US 8.5D which are are fine overall but a bit snug at the end of the day (pinky toe). Sizing down alf a size to Barrie (to US 8D), will I have more room at the toes then with Grant US 8.5 D, or will I loose the extra room of the Barrie-last by sizing down half a size?   Thx!
Hi If the 348-last fits you, then take the same size in the 363-last. The 363-last is elongated like the 348-last so lenghtwise probably the same. In my experience, the 348-last is narrower then the 363-last. So if 363-last fits you, you should probably want to try on a 348-lasted shoe first.  I have a pair of Westbournes in the 348-last in UK7,5 and it's too snug for me. I also have a Millbank Chukka in the 363-last (UK7,5). The Millbank also fits snug but not too snug,...
Hmm.. I'm a 7,5UK in the elongated C&J-lasts like the 348 and I had to go up half a size for my Coniston's on the 325 last. The 325 last is not elongated so it's possible you should size up half a size. But if I understand you correctly you would size down half a size? Make sure the Grasmere's are good in lenght then.
 Love the longwings!
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