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Small question: I recently tried some Alden's plain toe bluchers on the barrie last. I really liked the fit in the toe area, but found that the heel counter was cutting in my heel a bit, probably because the heel cup on the Alden bluchers is pretty low (?).   Is this something that will dissapear with breaking in you think? 
Small question: who has Alden's on the barrie last in both lined and unlined make-up? Do you size down for the unlined ones?    I ask because I have a low instep. If unlined shoes stretch more than the lined ones then I could risk that the lacing of the shoes closes completely so that I won't be able to pull the shoes tight enough.   Thx
Those suède/chamois ones are so cool.. Next pair that crosses my path will be mine.
My new Millbanks that i bought during the sales, on the ugly office workfloor. Still need to break them in though. Edit: should give them a brush too :-)
They said d width to me so i guess not.
 Yep, shoes & shirts in holland. If you look at the Alden size chart (google 'alden lasts') then it appears that Aberdeen would be the narrowest last and the last with the least volume, while the grant is a real true to size last. I don't like my shoes too snuggy so no Aberdeen for me (maybe I would change my mind after trying it in person (with e-width for example), but I haven't so far so I won't buy it online). 
 According to the shop, these are made on the Aberdeen last and not the Grant last. That means I'll have to pass (these will be to small). Pity. I'm looking for a suede boot in the Grant last, or slighty wider last. Who has links to online shops in Europe that sell Alden (I'm very familiar with Frans Boone but he has nothing in stock in my size and in the Grant last)?
 The 360-handgrade last. Comes with full insoles standard. 
Hi guys   Small question, I saw these beauties, but info says that they are made on the 808-last. I've never heard of that last. To me, they look like they've been made on the Grant-last.   Can somebody help me out? I'll only want to buy them if they are made on the Grant-last or a last that is wider than the Grant-last.    Cheers!  
Got me some Handgrades (Millbank) in the Brussels-store sale!  First pair of Handgrades so I'm curious to expierence the difference with the mainline.   PS: I also had a question. Does it ever happen that C&J make a specific style in more than one last. For example, would they make the Coniston in the 325-last for 20 years and than make the Coniston in another last for the future? Or would they always change the name of the style in that case. (Off course, I'm talking...
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