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Does the Uniqlo Skinny tapered fit denim stretch out? Stuck between choosing a size 30 or 31 since everything else other than waist measurement(after taking into account vanity sizing) is almost pretty much the same.
Yahoo japan auctions always seems to have a fair few floating around.   Read Brad-T's harajuju guide on how to buy clothes from Japan. Alternatively, use Jauce and  input Undercover or Undercoverism in the search section then check the jacket section and scroll down until you find someone listing it. Jauce has easy to follow instructions and a translator.
It might as well be. Most people had to size up
I love Hawaiian shirts with leather jackets. I don't know what it is about the combination but when it works, it looks really nice.         I've also been pining for one but I haven't found the right one yet.          
Has anyone bought a daypack from them before? How was it?
Sorry for the hair (and ipad). Been growing it out
Still keen on a ToJ1 2011 size 48 if anyone's keen on selling. Willing to shell out $$
Sorry to resurrect a long dead thread, but I was planning on putting my geobaskets and common projects in long-term storage for a while and I'm not sure how exactly to care for them.    I was thinking of placing them in dustbags, putting them in their respective boxes box and chucking them into my closet for about 6 months but I'm not sure if shoe trees are appropriate for controlling the moisture content that would affect the leather and to help them keep their shape.
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