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LOL, what do you mean?
You sound nice.. :)   rofl. :D
Ya sorry brother. I know the clothes arent ironed. I didn't think of ironing before posting here because basically I just wanted to know of the color matches or not. Sorry for spamming. Just wanted to show. Ok I'll ask in other threads or different sites. :) Thank you. :)
I just know it looks good. :D Socks don't look good with loafers IMO.
Very nice people here.. Looking forward to know some sexiest color combinations.. And thanks for welcoming @Conradwu. :D
Already c hecked that thread but.. I have different queations.
Ok. I know this has been asked many times. But my questions are bit different. I have been using  AND   The wax spray twice in 6 months.  And the polish twice in a week.   Now, I have...
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