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Yeah my esf shirts already come with darts, so what can I do?
Thank you for all the feedback guys, I'll just probably get the back taken in and slim the sleeves as they're pretty roomy    but yeah I guess this is the best I can do for now as I'm a broke college student
Can I join lol? I see you guys are out in San Francisco Bay Area, nice I'm from the East bay       You already bringing sexy ugly back look at the nipple in the 2nd pic - sleeve so high and tight can't even pulled em down , check out them colors in the 1st thats that superior, what you know about that yellowing and them stains...its the mark of buddha I cant even depict what that logo is, idk idc could even be some bug there cause of...
Thanks,   yeah that the extra slim fit cut, can't go any smaller. Guess I'm going to return the 14.5/33 one Any tips on tailoring?   Btw this is the brooks brothers extra slim fit that I tried in store    
Received a couple C.T shirts a few days ago.  This is a 14.5/32 esf.   Can I get some feedback on the fit? Thanks               Also got one shirt in 14.5/33 not sure if I should keep or return lol
Hi, I'm trying to support the kickstarter project for the olivers shorts Do they accept paypal though?
^ Kent wang, howard yount, etc..
Not going for a fashionable slim look so probably classic
Hi can I get some feedback on the dress shirt and trouser fit? Thanks           This shirt as well, thanks again   [[SPOILER]]
narragansett leather belt good to match?
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