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Finished up my second shirt. The Oystermen Work Shirt.   I was digging trough some archival text and photos of Chesapeake Bay watermen, boats, work life, etc. for some inspiration to create a work shirt that was not the same ole thing I have seen a million times. I came across a worker called an Oystermen. Read up on the work they did. And pieced together what I thought would have been authentic for the 1940's Chesapeake Bay watermen. Hand tonging for oysters is a...
I got this particular fabric from Mood Fabric in NYC. They have an excellent website you can buy from. Get swatches etc. I also have bought from with great results.A book called The practical guide to pattern making for fashion designers: menswear by Knowles. It taught me to take measurements and draft patterns.It took me 6 practice shirts of muslin cheap-o practice fabric shirts to get it right. There is a lot of quirks to the process that YouTube helped with....
Yes this is my first finished shirt. Thank you for the kind words.
Popover. Constructed of a medium weight high thread count Japanese cotton. Old school side tabs make easy on and off. Finished with a white Oxford cloth contrast collar cut 3/16 inch larger than standard, for that "go to hell" look. "Anchor" mother of pearl buttons and reverse stripe flap front chest pocket rounds it out. What do you all think.. PS I'm new here, so be nice!            
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