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 For your pants, you might want to consider some of midrange Japanese MTM/MTO outfits. They tend do a good job for not a lot of money.   Ask some of the Japan based CM guys like @daizawaguy or @nutcracker for further info.  Other than that, I suppose you can try the more CM outlets of Beams, UA and Tomorrowland.  
   @SpooPoker Help the man out.  At least next time he can maximise the utilisation rate the proceeds for charitable purposes.
Charlie, would you be kind enough to list the name together with the pics. Thanks.
You might as well post the lot here. I am also interested in Pink.
Guys, for those with Bonafe 946 and Carmina Rain, how is the heel to ball length and heel cup vis a vis the 2?
 If you are sick of tourist food in Hoi An, bike or cab (abt US3) out to An Bang beach and get good and cheap seafood at Tuyet, 2nd shack on your right. Tamarind prawns and caramelised squid are very good but everything is fresh, and mostly alive before cooking. The are 2 or 3 nice lounge/resto operated by gaijin on your left for chillout. An Bang is also a better beach than Cua Dai.Banh Mi Phoung, made famous by Bourdain, is pretty good and you must get the everything...
Is there a test shoe for the semi-bespoke? Can we do this through Skoak even if we go there personally as payment and shipping from Italy might be problematic for non EU customers?  Also, sorry to repeat the question here but do Bonafe offer hatchgrain and if yes, is there any sample to show?    
@Skoaktiebolaget, May I know if Bonafe offer hatchgrain? 
 You better stop now or before you know it, you're on the slippery slope to Japanese bespoke.  This thread is full of shoes that will make you **** in your pants.
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