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  Look like it turns out great .  Patrick or Gabriel, is it the lighting or does it looks much darker than non burnished Giamaica?     And for those who are looking for tan, here's the original Delos that inspired this MTO 
Ok guys, we are short of 1 to make this MTO happen so would appreciate if anyone else is interested.     Bonafe Double Monk Last 804, model number 2364 in Dark Grey Suede, Single Leather Sole, Fiddleback Waist   In other words, this exact model but in Dark Grey  
 Looks good. So, any interest for this on dark grey suede? If you are keen, then we just need to find 1 more guy.
Hi Guys,   Anyone up for a dark grey suede dub monks from Bonafe? On the round last? Anyone? Or Jasper or Moka as below.   Here is a small comparison between the suede colors and what the closest color would be from Edward Green: 6. Bonafe Hidro Moka --> EG Mocha suede 5. Bonafe Hidro Jasper --> EG Mink suede 4. Bonafe Hidro Tabacco --> Between EG Mink and Coffee suede 3. Bonafe Hidro Volpe --> EG Coffee suede 2. Bonafe Hidro Walnut --> EG Nutmeg...
Patrick or Gabriel, would Bonafe be able to do a wholecut and/or faux U cap adelaide broguing say on the round toes last? Like EG Weymouth       or St Crispin 564   And is there anyone keen on this?
Thanks Patrick.
So, is it too late to change the width on the adelaide mto? 
Already have your Baker's Aust Nut and Oak Brown, which are great BTW.  Just would like a side by side photo but thanks anyways for the comprehensive comparison.
Now you tell me .  Was asking Gabriel about narrower width for the adelaide GMTO and his reply was negative.
I vote for double leather and what happened to the natural cxl as was shown on the sample derby?
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