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Is there a test shoe for the semi-bespoke? Can we do this through Skoak even if we go there personally as payment and shipping from Italy might be problematic for non EU customers?  Also, sorry to repeat the question here but do Bonafe offer hatchgrain and if yes, is there any sample to show?    
@Skoaktiebolaget, May I know if Bonafe offer hatchgrain? 
 You better stop now or before you know it, you're on the slippery slope to Japanese bespoke.  This thread is full of shoes that will make you **** in your pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leaves  Correct, I realize it's now public, but it's supposed to be launched in October officially. Here's a picture from Manolo.se of the new 890 last. The new model Laughton looks nice. I also might have to consider stocking the Newbury on this new last, that looks phenomenal.   I must say it looks just like Bonafe's chiselled last but with a lower instep and narrower forefoot.
Sure, not a problem if it could not be done.  Was hoping it could be done as a wholecut as I find the seamless back very attractive.  I am willing to pay an upcharge for that design. 
Sorry hoodog, I was referring to a Bonafe's last.  Am trying to arrange a GMTO of Bonafe's version of Oundle in Grey Museum.  A GMTO of Oundle in Slate is pretty hard to get going so going Bonafe's way.  Sorry to bring it up in EG's thread.    
Patrik or Alex, may I know which last is this Bonafe on?  It's done for Ring Jacket.  
Great, is the new almond (804) last ok for you?  Btw, dark oak dover in 606 is available for order thru Skoak, no MTO fees required.  
Is there anyone interested in a Bonafe's version of Oundle in Grey Museum? Anyone? 
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