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Hey everyone,   How is the fit on this suit? The jacket feels slightly droopy to me but I wanted to get your opinions. Thanks.      
Thanks for the input. They are actually pretty nice shoes but are definitely more casual. I'll stick with the more safe stuff this go around. I decided to get myself a nice pair of AE Strand's. It will be my first pair of AE's. Pretty stoked about them.
I should probably mention it's an outdoor garden wedding. Not sure if that changes anything.
Could you pull off these suede oxfords with a navy suit (HUGO slim fit) for a summer wedding? I'm not sure if they're too casual or not.
Not the band. Lol.
Does anyone own an Egara suit? I can only find them at Men's Wearhouse so I assume it's exclusive to them. The two suits I looked at in their store looked of very good quality (kind of surprised). Fully lined and good count wool. It's rare I actually find a suit I like at Men's Wearhouse and the price was $799 (their higher end price). I can't find any info on any other site about Egara. Any info would be appreciated.
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