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I'm having an issue when I click the "+" button to expand a spoiler, it doesn't open and forces the webpage back to the top. Any ideas on how to fix or prevent this from happening? Using the latest Chrome browser and W7.
  Aren't those basting stitches? Should be removed when the suit is tailored to you.   BTW, nice haul. Why can't I ever find one single decent pair of shoes or a nice dress shirt!
I wish the thrift stores around me had 1/10th of the stuff you guys are finding. Mostly everything I run across is either destroyed, overpriced, or some generic junk from Kohls. 
  Nope, that camera is a FD mount, where the newer Canon's are EF mount. Canon changed the mount in the late 80's, effectively obsoleting all their older lenses. (They make adapters of course)
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