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Oh I won't be, I appreciate it more than anything. Thanks.   edit: Forgot to say that DerekS' jacket looks very good and I love it paired with the shirt and PS. Really great.
Well it's a 42R and my other jacket at the same size fits rather a lot better. I've stared at this now for a while and am noticing more that the shoulders are a bit wide on this jacket. Also that it might be a tad long. Will keep in mind not to post anything more until it's more fitted and finished.
  Before you say anything, I do know the pic is crap. I also know the sleeves are too long (for now) and that the jacket is wrinkled. The sleeves and wrinkles are how they are because I just got it and I'm trying it on.   I'm exceptionally new to wearing things like this. A year ago I wore ill-fitting jeans paired with overlarge sweaters/tshirts. I've been reading the forum quite a lot though and am learning.
  Thanks for your replies men. Will keep this all in mind.
The buttoning point on that SC of foxx's is one I've seen referred to as too high. I've got two SC's that both have their point as high as that, above the navel. Is there a point more desirable? Is it just a matter of taste or something about it looking dated if it's too high?   edit: Great looking jacket foxx.
Complicated personal reasons are the worst. Don't despair though, at present moment I own not a single bottle of alcoholic beverage. Things could be worse for you.
Is it me or do the corns look very pale?
You're welcome.
I quite like the Jameson 12, I always order it when going it.
Looking forward to hearing what you think of all the places you plan to go. I hope you have/had a great time.
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