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It's a bit big yeah, ordered and found out later that they cut very generously. Had to try doing it as a spoiler anyway. First time for everything.
[[SPOILER]]   Shirt is unbuttoned, just doesn't look it in the pic. AAS, someone already said it, I do however agree that funny shorts with solid shirt looks way better than funny shirt.
Stitch, very nicely fitting pants and lovely daughter. Derek, I want your hair. Caustic, give me that PS. It looks as if though it isn't even made out of fabric.
Sometimes I worry about going broke from being stupid and buying all the beautiful things I like. Shoes for example. Then I see Stitch post something like that and laugh at myself. Nicely done man, very good indeed.
Next time maybe try to take out some of the pictures when you do that, mp.
Well I'm thrilled, something that looks good and is in my reach. Nicely put together fit though man.
Huge fan of that PS with the jacket. I'm liking all of it actually. Pick stitching looks nice, who made that SC?
I've never had a problem with my shoes either. Sweden is moody when it comes to weather but it hasn't been a bother. +1 on the tie MF, I like it.
Skinny and foo, you guys are great. You ought to get married.
Thanks for the input men, and the discussion following. I think the chest fits fine, it's a relaxed fit that I have no problem with and I don't tend to think it looks billowy. It was an ebay thrift that cost me fairly little, Hackett linen and cotton I believe. Most likely I wont wear it, the shoulders present an obstacle in that there will be too much alteration needed together with sleeves & body.   I purchased 2 SC's on the bay for quite little. This one and one...
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