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[[SPOILER]]   Fantastic.
Looked black in the first picture, actual colour far better. Still lighter would be still better. I find myself agreeing with the niceness of the bag. On second look longer shorts might've been good too, ones that short look a bit strange with long sleeved tops.
I'd call them sandal monks. That's the impression they give me. Good looking shoes though.
Jordan level baller.   Red, a lighter shoe would've served you well.
I don't think I've ever seen all-white furniture done well. Can it be done?
Well my friend, you still looked far better than I ever will. Sport them with pride.
Don't think I've ever seen you in monks before, looks very good. I prefer you in ties rather than bowties though.   Tira, good look. What you're usually running in looks better on you imo. Derek and Clap, how the hell do you get that kind of hair? I just gave up and shaved mine off.
Agree on the jeans needing shortening, they're bunching at the knee. Tremendous fit otherwise. Lovely pictures, stark contrast to mine.
Thanks for the suggestion, Hans. I love the look of high rise trous with suspenders. Might go for that.
Well the guy I've been to so far seems "OK" but I'm gonna scout for someone who's great soon enough. I love the collar on it. Sounded like I was talking about some heavy stuff but it's actually just CTyrwhitt so I'll likely buy one/several other(s). Light blue/white stripe OCBD not clearly visible. Pents weren't actually so crumpled and the sleeve is after a long day. Previous post -- yesterday. This -- today. Wanted to redeem myself for the overlarge shirt so I...
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