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All you need is a monk and something suede. Nice shoes.
Black belt with brown shoes..?
Yeah I see what you're saying. Thanks man. Thank you. The pants are like 4 inches too long for some reason. Haven't had the time to get them taken up, hence cuffs.
Never worn for anything other than casually under sweaters so I haven't cared at all, it's a shirt I keep from before SF.   Edit: If that's the only bad thing you found, I feel cool about it.
Remember a rug is just a rug my friend. Get the pretty one and move on.
Love your umbrella, TTO.   [[SPOILER]] Some might not like the grandfather sweater>shirt, but I do.
  Definitely gonna work on the whole.. taking pictures properly thing. For the next pic I'll make sure to do that.
Great drape on the pants. If drape isn't the right word it's because it's Friday. You remind me of Tom Hardy in Lawless in these pictures, a real BAMF.   Edit: Break. The break is great. Drape also.
Interesting to see who can pull it off well.
Fun socks bore me. I gave them a try though.
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