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Holdfast, you look like my uncle in that picture. I will say though that most other days you dress far better than he ever has.
I didn't act on it but it was fine motivation indeed.
jrd, I'd love to steal that grey knit. Nice kops. Raz, that's a nice looking jacket.
Clag, Bourb and Stitch. I usually spend Sundays in the nude, seeing you guys look so good made me wanna get dressed though. Kudos.
Rachael Ray without the cooking and the horribly loud woman.
Ah that's too bad, must've been damn near ridiculous. Caught some show on the youtubes. It's awesome.   I'm OK with you saying this. For now. Alright then. I can accept that. Are cups of tea your cup of tea?
Can't say they're my favorite band, though I freakin' love going to california and ten years gone. Jeff Buckley beats them out I think. "All my blood for the sweetness of her laughter." Did you get to see Page and Plant when they went around doing their thing? Can't seem to remember when it was.   Monks are indeed splendiferous.
Stitch likes Zepp? More points to him. Important thing though, why would anyone dislike monks?
Even if it isn't, constrast looks too drastic IMO. Might just be picture. Good otherwise though.
Hates monks? Does he also hate Led Zepp?
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