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I'd like to know how SH knows that the books, supposedly decorative, aren't actually being read?
Stitch, don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful. (No one else does which should tell me something.)
SHero, why? Just why.
Because the new table is much much betterer. Quiet, don't jinx it.
So you just decided to be uncalled for douche all of a sudden? I said sedate, not shit. You all still dress miles better than me.
Claghorn and Butler for me, everyone elses summer look was pretty sedate which was boring.
Day trip to cliffs of moher. Costs very little and you get to see the country with minimal effort. Aside from that, go to parks, visit breweries.
That new table looks fantastic. Good choice. Sorry the old one got messed up.
So do I. Need to get more coloured pents.
These* ones, Betel.   Beautiful shoes. The ties aren't too bad either.
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