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RD, where'd you get that Maglia? Online? Great haul. Good taste.
It might just be my taste, but is the collar of the shirt very large? Great looking as always otherwise.
Good quality/lovely looking leather boots come with dainite soles aswell, friend. If you don't have the money for them just say so. It's what seems to be the problem seeing as how you're making a point of price.
I'll say this, you've got horrible taste in shoes. Seems like you've made up your mind though. If you wise up, listen to one of the others and try Carmina or the likes.
YRR92, very nice but keep the glasses in a pocket. Sleeves are also a tiny bit long.
I'd take a safari over a couch any fucking day.
Foo, your living room looks good. Props for the effort you've put in to keeping to the threads original purpose.   BB and others have made a point that I relate to. I'd expect something different coming in to your living room from what I've experienced of you here. I understand your point though, that you want something beautiful in and of itself rather than something which reflects who you are.   Thanks for the completely pointless assholery and stupidity SH,...
[[SPOILER]] I'm no artist. That's funny though.
I like it.
Fuck coffee table books, put Hemingway on your table and sit with people to read. Discuss the brilliance. Never understood the point of a book specifically purposed toward setting on a table. However if you buy a good book and prefer to keep it near where you sit to read, then I understand.
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