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Nice shoes Red.
Recently bought a 120ml Creed BDP... Dropped the flipping thing on the floor. Took it as a sign not to buy expensive cologne, so, now I wear l'occitane.      Edit: It did smell like heaven while I had it.   Second edit: My bathroom floor smelled like heaven for a week after I dropped it.
Get rid of the bottles. Don't be silly. If you need a chair, buy one that you like. If your taste is sophisticated it'll come across. Though your confusion over the bottles doesn't bode well for the future of the apartments level of sophistication.
All the good ones are.
Stitch, will you marry me? I'm mediocre in bed and I'm only halfway sexy but I make mean eggs in baskets.
As StephenHero has said it, only surrounding yourself with the chief necessities. A chair on which to sit and not much patience for decorative bull. Yet he seems intent on posting images filled with more crap than I'd ever hope to see in my dustbin, something I don't understand.
Because that's honest living.
Thanks man. The coat is a new favorite, it's a housebrand of a store called Nelly -- "House of Commons." It's by no means well made but for $20 down from 150 I figured I couldn't go wrong, seeing as I liked the look of it.    Ah well that does explain it. Good looking even so.
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