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I ordered from sneakerboy in december when they had that amazing 50% boxing day. When I received the package (in Canada) I was surprised not to have a single duty/tax/handling charge. Now literally months later, I get a bill for it.... did this happen to anyone else? the shipping company was TNT express.  
I'm getting this feeling you mean pilling
Hmmm if that's the case I might do the same, had gunmetal for my dr2013 and been on the fence for silver.
Have any DR July orders been filled? Heading to 30weeks and I'm hoping I get it before I leave for nyc in 2 weeks :/
How's mid febuary like in nyc? Tourist, weather etc
My exact thought :/
Go buy a kill spencer backpack then, close enough
In my winter grab bag I got a Brass bottlehook (which I really wanted and like, too bad there is no ring and leather tag) and a standard cardholder in a brown-yellowish leather with the inside piece being a green leather. IMO ugly..ha. still worth it in my eyes considering a usual bottlehook is basically the same price as the bag
Or has... Dun dun dun
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