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Yeah I meant his email. I used the word bump because he did, but resending the email seems more accurate in terminology I guess
monday and tuesday i had contact with him, like he said before just bump your message if they havent been responded to, hes human he misses stuff
Idk if this is the right place to ask so remove if deemed fitting.  I am looking for a  watch under 300$ to start my collection.  does anyone have a good recommendation? I am currently looking at the Seagull 1963 re-issue. 
^ lol
I would go:- diesel blue suede bcdr- maybe a CWU black- or my favorite option: get a Toj0 and suiting ma-1 and pay the difference
Honestly just have FOK (I don't even know why he's called FOK someone enlighten thy nub) have a conversation with Drew (like via Facebook message) I trust him to ask all the questions the general public is wondering without hate like the public would. Then have FOK summarize if anything is important into this forum. I want the update but in no means I would recommend drew posting here just to get barraged by theories and hate. At least a one on one conversation will be...
I dont even understand why he brought any of that up, the relevance is little at best. 
So I have a lamb dr2013 and it's my first and only jacket. Should I upgrade to calf..
Can people stfu until drew posts
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