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Lol.... They stopped a long time ago. This it probably placed his order awhile ago and is finally deciding his color
newb here, if i wear vans classics in 8.5... should i go 8.  i ask because converses are weird for me, i have a pair of 7.5 canvas high top, its a little tight but length is fine 
Well if you guys still want the collab they releasing the line in the uk on oct 9 just FYI
If anyone does not want cargo sweats in small and/or the long sweater in medium. Hit me up
this gives me so much hope for my july12th  order, thank you
Bull Fucken shit, because I didn't make it into DR2013 batch given out February, I have to wait 1/2 year + for mine? because I was unlucky? Fuck that July 12 order here...I feel massively shafted here but what can I do about QQ
I think Drew means these are sent back because of address issues.(or never left because of address issues)
Price seems a bit sketchy,
I live in Canada (Toronto and Ottawa) and it drops to -30 deg and usually averages out to -15 deg for most of the winter.   With that said, What outerwear brand(s) would you recommend? Are there any brands that have similar aesthetic to Arc'teryx Veilance but warmer?
When Jesus was last resurrected
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