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So I broke down and asked charley. He said couple weeks because daniel has some family emergency and gotta go back to the states
I bought something on Sunday before their sale and everything went like a breeze.
I'm dying inside, 44 weeks and leather weather is passing and going
any roden gray discounts going on that I might not know? Planning to pull the trigger on a JE villain hoodie and wanted to double check if there are any floating around. 
I personally like the dr2013 better, looks edgier, with that said, if you dress conservatively I would go with the other. And I want a suede too.....so Fucken nice. The diesel blue bcdr is godly.
I found zanerobe joggers to be too long for my 29inch legs Publish has really well constructed jogger pants that come with small details like key ring on the right belt loop and a hidden coin pocket.
Poor student style: -voidthebrand -club monaco -public school (only have one piece, love their stuff but too pricey for my current barely existing income) -3sixteen -naked and famous -wings and horns Brands I love but cannot afford (yet?) -SLP -MMM -Schneider -acronym
Sorry let me rephrase. I am waiting for a mid-July dr. Last week when I passed the 40 week mark, I emailed charly about when I can expect my jacket. He said I will most likely get it the week I emailed him or next (aka this week.) so I'm really hoping we get our jackets this week
Honestly loving these little updates
did anyone get tracking code? 
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