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quilted or non-quilted? I personally really like the non-quilted, really been debating to switch my DR to it..
What is your(anyone) opinion about Men chelsea boots, ugly..or fashionable or a whatever thing?   To pair with a perfecto leaather jacket, or would a wolverine 1000 mile type boot look better?
 But on a more seriously note, everyone needs to chill
So for shits and giggles I remeasured myself and it turns out i went from 33:35 to 31:33 for my midsection:hip. So....Should I even bother mentioning this to Charly?
When I met brendon and Bahzad. Bahzad explained to me how the unsanforized Japanese heritage (used by oni collab) is one of the most beautiful denim fabric n&f offers.
Your blue MDR looks really good! He's probably just worried the navy is very similar to black for him so he's changing it to a more stand out color
I want to start layering tees with other textures like knits or tee+tee. any good advice to pull this off? and any brands that have good basics for this type of layering?
I ordered a DR2013 and originally i gave my measurement for length as 22" and my jacket length is 21.2" in the front. Hope that helps.
If you live in Toronto, n&f is having a warehouse sale for their jeans. 88$ a pair. Starts tomorrow I believe and ends Friday
Loving the price and look of these boots. Any Canadian stockists?
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