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Sorry let me rephrase. I am waiting for a mid-July dr. Last week when I passed the 40 week mark, I emailed charly about when I can expect my jacket. He said I will most likely get it the week I emailed him or next (aka this week.) so I'm really hoping we get our jackets this week
Honestly loving these little updates
did anyone get tracking code? 
Well god drew said there's a big drop this Monday so maybe we are all in it ( June and early July)
did anyone find out the dimensions of both wallets?
Ck one looks amazing the ro was whatever
I think toj is probably waiting until majority of their materials are used up then close
Slim pickings tho Edit. For sneaker boy 70% OFF REMAINING AW13 STARTS MONDAY 10.3.14 06H00 HKT GMT+8 ENDS WEDNESDAY 12.3.14 21H00 HKT GMT+8
Have a video with you showcasing your clothes, possibly just a 360 view of yourself. and put some soothing music. clothing video done. 
Has anyone surpassed 40 weeks yet? Currently going into 34 myself QQ
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