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Email charly about my july13 dr order, he said hopefully next month
When I altered my order from an A2 to dr2013 I received different measurements (dr was a little tighter and form fitting)
Lol.... They stopped a long time ago. This it probably placed his order awhile ago and is finally deciding his color
newb here, if i wear vans classics in 8.5... should i go 8.  i ask because converses are weird for me, i have a pair of 7.5 canvas high top, its a little tight but length is fine 
Well if you guys still want the collab they releasing the line in the uk on oct 9 just FYI
If anyone does not want cargo sweats in small and/or the long sweater in medium. Hit me up
this gives me so much hope for my july12th  order, thank you
Bull Fucken shit, because I didn't make it into DR2013 batch given out February, I have to wait 1/2 year + for mine? because I was unlucky? Fuck that July 12 order here...I feel massively shafted here but what can I do about QQ
I think Drew means these are sent back because of address issues.(or never left because of address issues)
Price seems a bit sketchy,
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