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Greeting, I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about this watch, it's my dad's. I narrowed down to roughly early to Mid 60s (Based off the rose at the 12) The thing that throws me off is the vertical and horizontal line on the face intersecting in the middle. Essentially if you can help answer: is it legit, model, what's the average value,and what color strap you think would look nice with it ha Also, I only have this picture of it.. Don't have my hands on it...
You sure you cannot count? Because that's from A calculator
fucked as in..: 1. im not getting my jacket for awhile 2. i've been waiting too long 3. i am losing it 3. or multiple of the above suggestions
@impolyt_one please update us, or at least tell me my order has not been shipped yet so i can stop thinking a ghetto child stole my jacket.   - 86 weeks. July 12th/13, DR2013. 
How much are Hamilton watches? I'm looking at maybe getting a thin o matic as my next watxh
I dont understand why drew seems to prefer writing updates in a very optimistic (lying) tone, while in essence, we want transparency and honesty. I rather have him straight up tell us " I have no estimate on when your jacket is coming, but we are working on it" then check back in periodically like.. idk every two weeks? fuck it. he can tweet it and keep it under 140 characters and it would be amazing.
Black lamb Dr2013, silver hardware
July 12 order here... This trickle must be the trickliest trickle that ever tricked
I'm getting scared that my July 12th order has been stolen at this rate...
Drew said there is a good amount of Dr going out..yet my July 12th one is no where to be seen....did I seriously miss another batch
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