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we have similar pictures, It makes me sad. Also, july 12th DR.So. Excited.
I think its one of those "oh you blinked" moments, or he just ejaculated in his pants. either one.
Ya I man'd up haha   Realistically, Its a advantage if I don't have to deal with unexpected costs and extra border processing time.   plus I bought something I've been waiting to go on sale for basically half a year. win win :D
Anyone know a way to avoid the prepaid duties and tax from Barney? Shipping international of course
Acrimony code: THANKX2013 doesnt work
You people are scaring me... I'm almost 20weeks
Literally has been mentioned at least 3 times in the past week...
Unless you are hard gay, then leather at any event is acceptable
whats a little debt to a soon to be non-existent brand. 
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