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I'm getting scared that my July 12th order has been stolen at this rate...
Drew said there is a good amount of Dr going out..yet my July 12th one is no where to be seen....did I seriously miss another batch
Sorry to be that guy but when did you order and did you get tracking
I love this, attack charly's work related to TOJ, now question and critique the sport he has passion for. 
If I remember correctly he was the one who was shocked at people taking pictures of their clothes nicely folded on the ground
are you referring to a messenger bag?
My first mechanical watch. Seagull 1963 reissue
IG username needed, seems like some solid pictures I would like LOOL
Beautiful update..especially when I'm early July 2013dr order. I'm really intrigued on these samples and leftovers....can't wait for him to catalogue them up
Im just a little surprised someone got their like july 3rd DR2013 while my july 13th one is no where to be seen....its so close...
New Posts  All Forums: