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Bull Fucken shit, because I didn't make it into DR2013 batch given out February, I have to wait 1/2 year + for mine? because I was unlucky? Fuck that July 12 order here...I feel massively shafted here but what can I do about QQ
I think Drew means these are sent back because of address issues.(or never left because of address issues)
Price seems a bit sketchy,
I live in Canada (Toronto and Ottawa) and it drops to -30 deg and usually averages out to -15 deg for most of the winter.   With that said, What outerwear brand(s) would you recommend? Are there any brands that have similar aesthetic to Arc'teryx Veilance but warmer?
When Jesus was last resurrected
Charly also mentioned, that production is picking up again. Take this as you will. 
I can tell you now, my 2013DR ordered july 12 has not even been made, I asked if I could still change my measurements and was still allowed. But I was told its very close to being made. 
If you're talking about a villain hoodie, I don't think it would looks nice with an A-2.
Shitty thing is for me, I'm afraid the postal office just drops it off the front door and walks the fuck away, leaving my package unattended waiting in the main lobby of my apartment (which happens more often than you think)
Jesus..June 12....and I was about to kill someone because of my July 12 order. My condolences sweet child
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