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hey I said it was a speculation lol, I said before in this forum, I basically already counted the 800$ as a loss (too much effort to care). however, that does not mean I don't want to help fuck Drew shit legally (or illegally). So sign me up for the wrecking crew.
Well this is a complete speculation but,   maybe drew thought that the restaurant would supply enough funds to keep up with his lavish spending with the current toj fund, but that didn't happen and now hes banking on his cut from the restaurant being sold to help refill the toj funds
ouch... thanks for your honestly and transparency on the matter though. If this is the case, I think Drew and his restaurants are about to get a lot of harassment, warranted though.
What if gruff and distorb are the same person?
Either you are a girl and you are going with a group of girls. OR YOU A MOTHER F'ING BOSS ROLLING WITH AN ACTUAL HARLEM GROUP. I wish for you that the latter is true. (However, probably a grammatical issue) nicelynice seems like an acquaintance/friend to drew at least, make sense he would go over us nobodies.(or am I off?) If you need more man power, I will be in Asia derping around in mid Sept or October for an indeterminate time period, I wouldn't mind helping....
I FUCKEN CALLED IT BASICALLY.  P.S. I filed a claim finally, like I honestly tried to be as patient as possible but with that utter bullshit of a message and basically dodging every issue while backhanding us is clearly fucken unacceptable. fucken 96+ weeks for this bull shit.  Another thing, If investors are going to be annoyed at us for causing trouble for the restaurant, would they not just hunt you down to get your shit together so we get our shitty jackets? you are...
maybe drew is acting like a bratty spiteful child and every time he sees a shit -talking/complaining message he puts a jacket into the by now all our jackets are being hold there. He must thinks hes clever and smirks, while we all think hes a fucken idiot.   CONSPIRACY THEORY
So far its been 96 week and 5 days for a dr2013.  Im ecstatic
Same. July order no reply from drew
@impolyt_one Drew, I am a little over a month away from reaching two years of waiting, can you please look into my order?
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