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WE have to be making some head way.....PP sent me an email acknowledging my claim. (even though it was closed instantly because of the time frame)
Did I miss something in this shitstorm? did Drew finally acknowledge said shitstorm?
Did you recently get it? so...jackets are actually still going out? tbh, that's seems to a better option than nothing at all compared to most of us
copy and paste list and add yourself.
It has/had public access to edit it, so I dont know how valid it is. 
Drew doesn't use condoms, hes pro-choice
hey I said it was a speculation lol, I said before in this forum, I basically already counted the 800$ as a loss (too much effort to care). however, that does not mean I don't want to help fuck Drew shit legally (or illegally). So sign me up for the wrecking crew.
Well this is a complete speculation but,   maybe drew thought that the restaurant would supply enough funds to keep up with his lavish spending with the current toj fund, but that didn't happen and now hes banking on his cut from the restaurant being sold to help refill the toj funds
ouch... thanks for your honestly and transparency on the matter though. If this is the case, I think Drew and his restaurants are about to get a lot of harassment, warranted though.
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