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any ideas on the name of this new venture?
from what I can tell, drew seems to be using the spreadsheet as reference. So I would update the spreadsheet AND send an email just as a precaution. He has replied to my last email which was about a month ago, so he does check the email as well.
Did you hear about that artist who basically blown up people's Instagram posts into Canvas pictures and then sold them? he made a lot of money, and the argument was, because those instagramers put their pictures up publicly without restricting access to their own accounts, it became public domain. I think the guy made like 200,000$ almost? or even more haha
well originally a hypebeast = a sneakerhead. like a person who really like Jordans or exclusive released shoes. However, the term has really evolved to a person who follow brand names and tries for the latest (and usually exclusive) items,  in the realm of streetwear (not SF terminology of streetwear though, I'm talking about like stussy, supreme, etc.)
Im a big fan of Hamilton watches, so I might be bias. Or you can go buy a vintage Omega constellation watch for under 1k.
I would not promote the selling of spots, it honestly just complicates things at this point.
my july 2013 order has yet to be changed...sigh so depressing
so...has the corner started shipping to Canada...no? great...
https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/38c0n0/toj_update_drew_keith_disappears/ here you go buddy, its a full recap
a reoccurring theme in this thread is if drew is telling the truth, so idk if you want to take that at face value.
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