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Ssense overpriced their products hard... but I still got my bag ready haha Anyone know about details on netaporter and mr porter on Black Friday?
I'm still waiting early July so calm your tits..
tried with two different people and i could not stack the code... one was actually quite rude about it too.  and you cannot request usps shipping instead of ups to Canada...no real savings for Canadians again :(
gunmetal im pretty sure
Let's all pray for the the prophet drew to bless us with another passage from the holy lands of toj
Yeah I meant his email. I used the word bump because he did, but resending the email seems more accurate in terminology I guess
monday and tuesday i had contact with him, like he said before just bump your message if they havent been responded to, hes human he misses stuff
Idk if this is the right place to ask so remove if deemed fitting.  I am looking for a  watch under 300$ to start my collection.  does anyone have a good recommendation? I am currently looking at the Seagull 1963 re-issue. 
^ lol
I would go:- diesel blue suede bcdr- maybe a CWU black- or my favorite option: get a Toj0 and suiting ma-1 and pay the difference
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