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Jesus..June 12....and I was about to kill someone because of my July 12 order. My condolences sweet child
Does eastdane's reduction go any further?
@impolyt_one, a lot of DRs are reaching one year (and passing), any update? (im a day away from a year)  
3 days until a year... Jesus I never thought it would reach this point
I feel your pain, I just hit 50 weeks myself. I guess we drew the short sticks of the timing of the batches. But I bet we the first couple in the next.
I think it just doesn't suit his body type, he lacks a predominant v-taper
Be sure to stand up straight, and for chest measurements, make sure you aren’t relaxing your muscles. That's from their "how to order" section
It was a 4z MDR I believe (quick search)
Jesus I've been eyeing those for awhile now...so goddamn pricey. But to answer your question, with the right pair pants showing off the shoes, yes yes yes.
I'm either 46 or 47 don't remember
New Posts  All Forums: