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IG username needed, seems like some solid pictures I would like LOOL
Beautiful update..especially when I'm early July 2013dr order. I'm really intrigued on these samples and leftovers....can't wait for him to catalogue them up
Im just a little surprised someone got their like july 3rd DR2013 while my july 13th one is no where to be seen....its so close...
I'm at 70+ weeks (I think 74-76) it sucks, I was hoping when I was in hk they would send it to me or I was even ready to go to korea as my vacation spot just to go pick up my toj but no signs of my jacket being ready
WiWill do almighty distorb, I'll go back to lurking
Hmm, maybe because I was too direct in my message accompanied by swearing. I guess I should added more smiley emoticons and passive aggressive open ended suggestions.
I'm actually pretty calm, I'm just afairly uncivilized speakerMight I add, I was taking a long shit in a Singapore mall bathroom and I was bored.
Guys just calm the fuck down. Just adopt the if it comes it comes attitude. Time to time ask for an update but don't Fucken fill this message board with whining remarks. If you wanna do a chargeback, do it but don't constantly threaten it... If you wanna be nice, give them a heads up in private that you are considering it and what not. All you guys are doing is starting a unnecessary pitch fork and torches mob. I'm a student with a part time job and 800+ is a lot of money...
Only reason I'm optimistic is that I'm early July... I should literally be next in line
planning on buying a seagull 1963 when im in HK (from thomas FWIW), but just to keep my options open. Does anyone know any similar watches that I should keep my mind open to?
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