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Yeah I really like the Black rough out one, but I pulled the trigger on the java wax flesh yesterday! ill let you know how big the brokerage fees and whatnot is when I get them ha
Depends on the type of item really, I did an estimate using a calculator by the Canadian government, it's about 90$, then ups will charge me about 40$ for brokerage and handling fees...
Has anyone in Canada ordered from Truman? Do you think they will lower the price of the purchase on the mailing slips so I avoid massive import tax
What size should I get if I wear 8 in Converse Classic Hi tops?
Dr2013 July 13
DR2013 black lamb, silver zips
It actually at my parents home and I'm picking it up this weekend.
My jacket came today, July 13
Jesus Lord almighty, I got tracking. July 13, finally. DR2013.
never knew the Amish used MTM services across the world.   but on a more seriously note, it looks great, and breaking it in probably will solve your issue.
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