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it was 25% additional on sale
man...I know a lot of people have voice issues on the Safari sweats and its limited mobility...but my my pair fucken ripped because I raised my leg first into the car (SUV so a little higher).............jesus.
Does tate and Yoko do summer sales? Or any further reductions
hes been providing updates in the actual Epaulet thread (I know...why not here).   Last time I checked, maybe a week or two ago has said it would be shipping a day or two (from the day of that update)
@Epaulet just curious, are these on track? or do you foresee a delay
I got really lucky and got my jacket right after Drew try organizing this shit storm in a excel file. at that point it was like a 2 years and 2 month im counting my blessings considering a lot of people didn't get theirs.
Does anyone know if eastdane will have any further reduction on their sale or even possibly a code?
Does Vince give you tracking?
I literally contacted him yesterday and he responded in 2 hours.
Idk if you all seen the ig post, but they are planning to stop doing MTOs by Jan 15
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