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Does Vince give you tracking?
I literally contacted him yesterday and he responded in 2 hours.
Idk if you all seen the ig post, but they are planning to stop doing MTOs by Jan 15
Yeah I really like the Black rough out one, but I pulled the trigger on the java wax flesh yesterday! ill let you know how big the brokerage fees and whatnot is when I get them ha
Depends on the type of item really, I did an estimate using a calculator by the Canadian government, it's about 90$, then ups will charge me about 40$ for brokerage and handling fees...
Has anyone in Canada ordered from Truman? Do you think they will lower the price of the purchase on the mailing slips so I avoid massive import tax
What size should I get if I wear 8 in Converse Classic Hi tops?
Dr2013 July 13
DR2013 black lamb, silver zips
It actually at my parents home and I'm picking it up this weekend.
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