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is the price of their belts worth the wait?
 i'd like to do this deal
How do these slim fits fit compared to the Levis 511 rigid dragon? I am a size 34 in the 511s because of muscular thighs and ass. Thanks
any cons for non iron dress shirts?  
Is it acceptable to get jacket sleeves altered with different length sleeves on each arm so as to show the same amount of cuff? My right arm is about 1 inch longer than my left.
You're going to need to have male model looks to pull it off or else you're just going to look awkward
should it be wider than the shoulder seams on a dress shirt?
Need help after buying my first desert boot   the length is fine but the shoe is tight as hell in the heel and instep. So tight that it takes tons of effort to even put them on.   Are my feet just not fit for desert boots? or should I just wait for them to stretch out? I'm scared to return for size up because there is a lot of room in the toe.   Thanks
probably a stupid question, but what does this mean?
ok, i'm 19 and starting to fill out my wardrobe   tan derby   Cal ebony original desert boot   would these be good for casual and semi formal wear with chinos/jeans, shirt and blazer/sweater   other shoes suggestions welcome :)
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