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Thoughts on those Anniversary shirts? It says there is a pocket but it shows none and instead has the logo on it. Was thinking of getting one for more casual settings that don't require me to tuck it in.
I'm pretty sure I fit the Tokyo Slim fit but the only pink OCBD they have is in pinpoint, could that be at all worn as a casual? I was deciding whether to go with the pinpoint or just buy the new york slim oxford. Has anyone tried the differences between tokyo and new york slim?
Need a proxy to buy 2 bags and forward it to me in Australia. Please post on here or send me a PM if you are willing to do the job. Thanks. Edit: Willing to up the price.
What are peoples thoughts on the quality of the BD shirts from Brent Wilson? I read about their MTM Suits being bad but any thoughts on just casual shirts?
    Oh I tried on some of their shirts for the first time today at their Melbourne Central store before I was going to commit to buying online, lucky I did as even their smallest slim size didn't fit me.. One of the drawbacks of having a small waist.
Looking for a white/blue BU to use for formal occasions and a few BD for casual wear. I've checked out TMLewin, MJB, Herringbone, Rhodes & Beckett and other affiliates. How does the quality amongst those differ? With the current sales it looks like TML and MJB would be best for price, however TML's designs for their casual wear is not too good (IMO, as I can't see myself wearing them).   Don't want to go over $50 per shirt, is there a better place to shop for...
Not talking from experience, I hear Beeswax is more durable and is the most versatile in a sense than Sand Suede. Not sure how they would go in winter weather, especially if you decide to wear it in the rain, it may get those wet spots. People will definitely recommend Beeswax over Suede most of the time, I was in the same position, but I needed shoes at the time and decided just to buy brown suede for its price as it may be harder to get in the future for that price. It's...
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