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hi i'm looking at the mission workshop meridian jacket. does anyone have any experience with the fit? photos seem to suggest it's pretty tight. usually i wear size M: would i need to size up for winter layering? 
hey does anyone know where wolverine, and other brands, source the leather for their boots from? looking on the horween website, they don't specifically detail where they get the leather from. where do tanneries normally source their hides? do they also have cattle ranches? seems unlikely. 
hi, i'm wondering where brands like wolverine, alden, red wing, white's, viberg, etc etc, get their leather? what happens to the rest of the animal?    also, what are the factory conditions like? i know they're all MIUSA, but i also know this is no guarantee of good work conditions.    everyone here should watch the true cost. :0
 they've been my only pair of shoes for ~2+ years. i got them used, but the previous owner hadn't worn them too much. i wore them every day, while traveling around the united states, south america, and canada. did a few mountain hikes, did a few rainforest hikes in BC. i also wore them every day this winter in montreal. so yeah they got super wet. never used a shoe tree. they were only conditioned when i brought them to a cobbler to get them re-heeled (once) and new tope...
hey do you guys think a cobbler can fix this? what would they do? do you think it's worth even getting it repaired? if not, what do you do with an old pair of boots that are totally wearable, but are also super trashed?    
hey, does anyone here know any techwear brands that have a good women's selection? i linked a friend of mine to outlier, she is really into the concept but we are both getting depressed at the utter shit every techwear style brand i know of has available for women.   it seems to be impossible to find a simple merino t shirt, much less a damn button down, that doesn't have weird sleeves or a scoop neck. something like this, but not out of...
anyone know what that ace x alpha fishtail is actually made of?
how bout them pullovers? worth it?
then post the answer!
so I learned today that I get a 45% discount on arcteryx stuff. not sure yet if that includes AV, but I am looking anyway, specifically at the component shirt. does anyone have any comments on this, specifically what function the merino back panel serves?
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