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what's up, I am looking to trade my (brown) wolverine 1ks for a pair of sweet hiking boots or shoes. mine are a little over a year old, in great shape, with no gouges in the leather. I had rubber soles sewn on. they haven't been treated with any polishes or whatever, but I clean and brush them often. I have my eye on danner mountain lights, but am open to any pair of hiking boots or shoes of comparable quality to the 1ks. I don't need uber hiking boots, really: I just...
the most ridiculous part of the ultra merino suede collection is that fucking T-shirt with the seemingly functionless square of Ultrasuede. basically the merino t, but$22 more expensive. rolling my goddamn eyes. that said, I am going to Ecuador and want to cop a pair of their shorts, ideally trunks. any size from 30 to 32 would be cool, not picky about colour but would prefer something neutral. if any of y'all have a pair you want to unload hit me up yo!
in 164 pages this has probably been covered, but is it sartorially possible to wear 1ks with shorts?
def most useful would be the henley. I have 1 merino sweater and it is one o found the most generally useful things I have ever owned. not saying the sweater itself is particularly great, but merino is gd amazing.the hoodie looks nice but doesnt look packable, and I've kinda stopped wearing hoodies in recent years. some kind of overshirt would be great here in northern (central?) cali: I have something like that, but it's normal wool and not particularly high...
I think I experienced that normal, ie extremely minimal, level of shrinkage with my slim Ds. they always loosen up sfter a bit though. I have bern hitchhiking around the states for over 2 months now and these a re really the greatest pants I could have brought with me. climbed a lot of fences, fallen, hopped freight trains, been attacked by dogs, and there is no damage on these pants. not needing to wash them is the best. if they get dirty I will just wash that area and...
bought a pair of 1ks used off craigslist a little over a week ago. they were in pretty decent condition, though the guy never treated them (and I havent had an opportunity to yet). at $115 the price was right anyway. I did some walking on rocks though, and a hole is forming in the left sole! not sure if it was already there. I really need to get some rubber soles put in.
man they really ought to do more budget items a la the nycos.
this is so true. I am not entirely happy with the way the fabric of the dungarees kinda flops around, especially at my ankles. I kind of miss wearing normal, stiff denim.
anyone have anything to say re: the new air forged shirt? is it true that sweat doesn't show through? because omfg.
they haven't strayed too far: the hypercity backpack is (read: looks like) an amazing product. also the uv poncho was a bold move, very avant-garde. i agree that a lot of the new products have been more fashionable, less about classic style & functionality, but it's cool that they are able to do that sort of thing. as long as they are still manufacturing slim dungarees i am happy. but yeah the growth of the company pretty much necessarily means that they are going to...
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