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anyone know what that ace x alpha fishtail is actually made of?
how bout them pullovers? worth it?
then post the answer!
so I learned today that I get a 45% discount on arcteryx stuff. not sure yet if that includes AV, but I am looking anyway, specifically at the component shirt. does anyone have any comments on this, specifically what function the merino back panel serves?
yo i snoozed on these hooded things. experiments = no returns so if anyone has a cowlhood, size m, navy, i may be interested.
oh man i didn't even talk about jackets or non-backpack bags. i had this other vision recently of a bag made out of cuben, with a roll top and lots of d-rings so it can transform into tote, backpack and messenger.
what's up, i traveled for like 7 months, hitching around the USA and south america, living entirely out of a backpack. i shall now proceed to ramble at length: feel free to not read this.   i used an hmg southwest pack. http://www.hyperlitemountaingear.com/2400-southwest-ultralight-pack.html waterproof material, super lightweight, optimal size (really you don't need more than 40L worth of crap), the y-strap is extremely useful for keeping a tent or sleeping pad or wtv,...
nobody buy the linen towel, it is an utterly useless piece of trash. idk why the fuck they are making it.   so for like over a year, all i had from this company was a pair of slim dungarees, which i wear (and continue to wear) almost every day, doing all sorts of active, adventurous shit. i was super happy with them, and really loved this company because my only experience with them was this one fantastic product...   recently, however, i made a couple purchases from...
does anyone know why outlier only did one run of their merino pullover? it seems like the kind of functional, basic garment they would add to their permanent lineup.
what's up, I am looking to trade my (brown) wolverine 1ks for a pair of sweet hiking boots or shoes. mine are a little over a year old, in great shape, with no gouges in the leather. I had rubber soles sewn on. they haven't been treated with any polishes or whatever, but I clean and brush them often. I have my eye on danner mountain lights, but am open to any pair of hiking boots or shoes of comparable quality to the 1ks. I don't need uber hiking boots, really: I just...
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