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I might be wrong on this, but it seems like you wear stuff out a lot faster than most!
Do you know about how many wears they last you? I'm new to the whole style thing and am trying to get and idea of how to plan my wardrobe.
I'm guessing that they don't actually make them, but contract them out to someone else. I know their sunglasses are made through Oliver Peoples, and thus, Luxottica, for instance.
Yeah don't do the rolling bag. That alone could make you a campus celebrity.
I'd prefer all cotton, the poly feels kind of weird. But for the price, the detailing and construction are damn good. I don't know how they got away with the $290 retail, but under $40 is a steal and I'm happy with mine.
I feel like you're missing a beanie in there somewhere...  OP, I don't know if this applies to all countries, but I'd say just wear nice American stuff. American clothing is popular in a lot of other parts of the world, but most countries have harsh tariffs that jack the prices up. So even something basic and lower end like a $20 pair of Levi jeans here would cost over $100 in England. Wear high quality American stuff and you'll look like a baller who people will assume...
Wasn't there a movie about a kid who brought a briefcase to school every day? As I recall he got a lot of swirlies.   Not that that's a good reason not to go with a briefcase. Rather, do you know what kind of classes you're going to have? Some of them may require large textbooks, and if you end up with a schedule that doesn't afford you time between classes to switch out the contents of your pack you'll need enough room to lug all your texts, notebooks, and electronic...
http://www.styleforum.net/t/272980/the-terrible-fashion-blog-thread   Read through this thread. Nothing you were planning on wearing looks as ridiculous as the stuff in there, right? And even if it does, a lot of the bloggers shown in that thread have a following and marketable appeal with the GQ crowd. So pretty much no matter what you wear, at least some people will think it looks good. Don't stress out too much about it. Most people wear pretty boring stuff, so if...
How long have you used that rotation of shirts and not had them wear out?
Hmmm interesting. Do they hold up well?
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