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Thanks! I got the high Velcro gats in white. My other MMM's are the black moto ones, so crackled leather was expected. The white ones didn't look as new as most whites, so it had me wondering.
Anyone else get white MMM's from Spence and have them look kind of dirty when they arrived? The soles look pristine, so I'm wondering if it's an MMM thing. 
That Eastdane sale brings the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat in charcoal to under $350, lowest I've seen so far. I got mine and the material is actually 90% wool, 10% nylon, though, so not sure if I'll keep it.
 Can't miss the Melrose store. I haven't tried the shoes so I can't comment on them, but the mainline shirting is very high quality. He plays around with little details that make them interesting, too.
They'll be able to bend the arms down so they hook your ears better and might be less likely to slip down
You can't adjust the nose, then, and neither can the optometrist. Some can drill into the frame and attach nosepads like you see on metal frames, but it will raise the frames a bit.
I have a pair I had to size down 2 for. And another one that fits more true to size.
 The TF's aren't in the league of high end brands like your Oliver Peoples, so if you're looking for something more along those lines I'd recommend something else. Take a look at IC! Berlin, Mykita No. 1, and Salt Optic's titanium frames to try something that's both light and high quality. IC! Berlin and Mykita use screwless hinges made of sheetmetal and have some of the most durable frames out there. My titanium salts have washers in the hinges that allow them to have no...
 Been waiting forever to jump on those bamboo u-necks that were promised way back. Even better if they come with finished hems this time.
Polycarbonate is plastic, too. In fact, it's one of the lower grades of lens materials usually reserved for impact protection due to its high strength (but poor optics). Tom Fords are made by Marcolin, which is the better of the conglomerates, but still not quite as good as an independent high end brand. However, very few high end sunglasses use glass lenses; most are made to be light but durable and use CR-39 lenses.The few high end sunglass brands that do use glass only...
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