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Not an optimal picture, but could be Retrosuperfuture Flat Tops
Is the Covy's promotion dead? It was posted on the site when I ordered my shoes, but they weren't included in the package when I received it.
Alright I gave in and became a member. Someone talk me out of the special snowflake....
Mykita, IC! Berlin, and Lindberg have the best strength/weight balance. If you need lightweight, Silhouette makes some that aren't as strong as those, but are even lighter. They make more sense to use as glasses than sunglasses because the arms bend rather than fold.
Thanks, got a shipping confirmation so I'm looking forward to them coming in the mail! Hopefully I ordered the right size. Also got a suede eraser for my Carminas and a deer bone for my shell cordovan AE's (the AE sales rep in store specifically recommended AFPOS to get the deer bone, since they don't stock them).
Weird, for me the kg fit is the only picture that doesn't display.
Salt Newhouse, Cutler and Gross 1045 or 1097. Both brands are very high quality, although for frames I'd give the edge to Cutler and Gross.
Shouldn't be a glitch, the other 20% is likely VAT, removed for foreign customers.
Weird, now it works. Fingers crossed...
Damn, added my items to my cart, got halfway to checkout, went back, and now what I wanted is sold out. Any chance the Armfields will be restocked before the current promotions run out?
New Posts  All Forums: