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I'll start looking somewhere beyond the great unknown
Is there a way to buy replacement buttons? Some of the buttons on these WvG shirts are lathed thin in some parts or chipped, so I'm worried they might break at some point and need to be replaced. Some of the best MOP sheen I've seen on those buttons, though...
I may drop by after work. Wouldn't be able to get the pick of the batch right when it opens, but they might have something left over. What are you looking for?
Welcome back, Hirsh.
The items should not have any defects, but they'll likely come in a plastic bag that might not be how it was originally sold. I know from experience that if you do get something with defects or damage, they allow you to return the item (no returns for other reasons).
Any opinions on this? Should I take issue with it for a factory first or no? These are my first brogues and first shell cordovans so I really don't know what to expect.
They're firsts. Is that out of the ordinary for a factory first?
Hey guys, just got my cordovan Daltons and I'm pretty excited. One of the boots looks slightly chewed up around the brogueing. Is this cause for concern?  
Please make this in backpack form: http://blog.beforward.jp/car-review/remember-bmw-blaster-south-africas-flamethrowing-car.html
Does anyone know how Alfred Sargent sizing compares to Allen Edmonds sizing? I've usually worn a US 9, but I found with AE I had to switch to a 9.5. Not sure whether a UK 8 or UK 8.5 would make more sense for the Armfields.
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