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I'm getting the sense that at least half the brands out there describe themselves as "classic with a twist," or some variation of that.
The dumbest "what is my face shape" thread to date
I don't have an Saint Laurent stuff, but I can tell you W+H quality is good. Generally nice fabrics, good construction, details like buffalo horn buttons and riri zippers. A lot of SLP would be paying for the design and brand.
Take a look at the Wolf vs. Goat bamboo sonora tees.
I've heard Spiewalk recommended as a cheaper alternative. I thought Nobis looked great until I found out that they're made in China. I think there are a few others that are often recommended.
Thanks, sad to hear that the blog posts are done. Those were really interesting.
@Mauro, can you do a blog post on the types of stitches and relative advantages/disadvantages on garments? For an example, things like bound vs serged stitches on the inseams and outseams of pants.
Based on my experience... My order from End was marked as the order price. My order from Oki-Ni, however, was marked at full retail and resulted in me being charged a 20% customs fee on that full retail.
 Not a match, but the Cutler and Gross 1008 is close in shape, and has a neat metal bridge.
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