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Hmmm interesting. Do they hold up well?
Got my first shirt from Dries after admiring his work for a while. I love the fit and pattern on it. Does anyone know anything about the fabrics he uses? I've heard that the fabrics are really the basis for his work and that he expends a lot of effort into selecting them, but the fabric on this one seems usually thin and delicate.
I think I heard a rumor that Gilt has some Gitmans made especially for them from leftover materials.   On a side note, I picked up one of those Stussy collabs, and the sizing is way off. Far too tight in the chest for the posted size, and too baggy in the arms.   Also, have you guys noticed that a lot of GV stuff bunches up behind the shoulders? I haven't encountered a cut that does this anywhere else. Guess it's not a big issue...
 It looks about right; the soldering on the frame is clean and trim. But the lenses aren't original as stated in the listing, which to me is a big part of the product. OP makes some plastic lenses that aren't great, but the VFX glass ones that come on the Benedict are excellent. And they have a fog mark that shows up if you breath on them to verify authenticity.
Looks like they simultaneously jacked up all their sale items back to full price. Not sure if they were a better deal before or now...
Damn, I'm weak. They had a Band of Outsiders quilted shirt jacket in my size marked down from $375, came out to about $90. Thank you and I hate you, Biggen.
This pisses me off too. He looks like a deer in the headlights. Or some other animal too stupid to be protected from hunting by law.
Thanks guys, that helps to explain a lot. Unfortunately the item I was looking at earlier seems to have been bought by someone else. I'll keep an eye out for other stuff, then.   And it's pretty enjoyable to see the awesome fits in this thread. David looks like one of those future assassins from the movie Looper.
These is going to sound like a stupid question, but here goes:   Since a lot of Yohji's stuff is a looser fit, with larger than normal shoulder yokes etc, how do you know if a YY garment fits you properly?   Also, does his stuff usually fit tts or large or small? Would it look weird to wear one of his loose jackets with anything other than those balloony pants he usually shows them with?
Agree, undergraduates can get away with wearing anything, no need to spend a lot of money early on. But if you really are into that, you'll find that this forum focuses mainly on clothing for the quality and fit, not the brand name. Most "mall brands" are ridiculed here, and a large portion of the forum favorites are small operations that offer a good value for the quality. For casual college wear, a couple of items that will last you longer would be selvedge raw denim...
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