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Haha that's the first I've heard of having your name engraved. I did have the nosepads adjusted, though.
 For higher quality eyeglasses, I'd look at Salt, Mykita, IC! Berlin, Lindberg, and Cutler and Gross. There are quite a few others, including ones that specialize in higher end exotic materials, but those are consistent and high quality in my experience. I don't think Lindbergs are often faked, so you should be fine ordering online as long as you have a return policy or don't mind flipping them. Lindberg lenses mount onto the frames a little different from other glasses,...
Actually I'm referring to a pair of slip-ons Mauro teased a while back. He said he had them planned, but I don't know if that's still the case after the misunderstanding with the sneaker factory last time.
Are the Italian Vans type sneakers still a go?
The hinge is the same as the acetate models. It's printed using selective laser sintering, so it doesn't fall apart between layers like the more common fused deposition modelling 3D printed items. The older ones seem to be smoother, newer models I've had have more of a raw finish that's a little rough to the touch. You can't cold bend and set them like acetate, but they are flexible and strong. They're also really lightweight.
I've had a few Mylons, what are you asking about them?
Rimless is going to be easier to break since you're causing stress concentrations in the lenses. You can find lightweight full frames that are barely heavier but much more durable. Lindberg is a good option (they have both rimless and rimmed versions of the air titanium frames), but as you noted expensive. Mykita and IC! Berlin use sheetmetal, but are also at the higher end of the price range. Ovvo might be in your price range; they use a combination of titanium and steel...
I've owned multiple frames from all three, and I would go with Salt. They're the most consistent in my experience and have great optics and customer service. I've had warped frames or substandard finishing from the other two (although I do like my OP Benedicts). 
Cazal 607. Or it could be one of their variants of that model, can't get a good look at the temple from that picture. But the 607 is the iconic model.
What does the Margom sole count as, vulcanized rubber or just rubber?   I'm guessing these premium sneakers don't use polyurethane cushioning, which would explain why Nikes are more comfortable (and also fall apart from degradation after a couple decades). Anyone know any details on that?
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