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I assumed sizing is the same as for the other WvG tees. I wear a small in everything.
U-necks are a go, bitchezzzz!
 Just damp towels. It's pretty gradual, but the coating does come off with time, and the shoes get lighter and less smooth.
Does anyone know what the black lacquer coating on the Big Bubba sneakers is? Mine has come off from wiping them down and I'm wondering if there's a way to restore them.
Mykita's sheetmetal frames are one of the most durable ones out there IMO. They can feel flimsy, especially the ones from the lite line, but when the frames are bent they just snap back to shape. You'll have to be careful about the lenses as with most sunglasses, but the frames would be difficult to break. The only downside is that the hinges can loosen over time, but I believe that they can be readjusted. I don't believe IC! Berlin has that problem if you're looking for...
I think it's only women's and children's pretty much?
So the bamboo tees don't come in u-neck form even with MTO?
Is all the bamboo material being made into heavyweights? I have both the heavyweights and the tees, and the tees are far more useful. The light weight is perfect for a lightweight garment. And if they were U-necks on top of that...
The way the temples on that last one get thicker towards the tips makes me think they may be Cutler and Gross... I'm not sure which model, though. The 0734 has that keyhole bridge, but the 0737 has the diamond rivets. This was so long ago that it's highly possible that they were made by a company that's no longer around, though.  Since they're acetate they will flex to some degree, but the hinges themselves aren't spring-loaded. You'd want to get a proper temple width for...
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