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That's a military abortion clinic, I hear. Hail Satan, and have a wonderful day.  Did anyone notice that Colin Firth described the oxford shoe in the movie as any open-laced dress shoe? Should have been closed-laced?
Has OP made a few friends around where he moved to, at least?
Hmm I tried it on again and I think I may have had an odd posture in the first photos. Somehow it doesn't look as big now, although it may still be too big to save through alterations.
Do you believe that it could be trimmed down to fit, even if this isn't the ideal solution? I ask because it was just under $1500 new from a discounter, so even with the cost of alterations I don't think I could get a bespoke suit of similar quality for around the same price. On the other hand, I still have the option to return it, and any amount is too much for a suit that can't be made to fit. What are the disadvantages to trying to slim this one down? Sorry for all the...
 As I recall, my shoulder jut out too much on the size down, and I've been using the shoulder as the main criterion for judging fit (I believe that's the most important factor?). The trouser waist is actually a perfect fit, why? And thank you again for taking the time to bring me up to speed on suit fitting.
I can't actually see the picture at work, but if they're the squared aviators there's a good chance that they could be Randolph Engineering, too. AO and RE make virtually the same model; I have the RE version that is supposed to be slightly higher quality. AO came first, became standard issue to the USAF, and were worn on the moon. A former employee started RE, believing he could improve on the construction. The RE version has since become USAF standard issue.
Thanks for taking the time to respond, I understand that you're a noted expert in this. Could you please explain why the shoulders are too wide? When I feel my actual shoulder under the suit it seems to go right to the edge of the suit shoulder, if not slightly past. I'm wondering if the shoulder appears bigger than it is because of Brioni's Roman structured shoulder style. I've also heard that the V-shape is one of the things the brand is noted for, so wouldn't it be...
A size down is too narrow in the shoulders. Since that's the part that can't be fixed, it seems like this size would be the right choice with alterations. It does look much bigger than I expected, though. Do you think it can be taken in enough to fit?
Hi guys, need help on my first real suit. Here's the off the rack fit. I really like the suit, but I want the fit to be good. Can I get the fit right with alterations, and how would I do this? The shoulders seem to fit well to me, I guess I should take in the waist and chest? Or if nothing can be done, let me know, too. The model is a Brioni Colosseo.        
Thanks, Styleforum, I learned something new today. I thought that only women could get anything resembling the indent in that picture, and that that was the finishing touch of the photoshopper.
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