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 Just don't buy from them and they'll send you tons of coupons.
Thanks for the response! I'm actually really new to this and am looking to get my first pair of cap-toe oxfords, so would you mind explaining what about the AS last you like better?
I didn't realize that the AS HG line was so high up in the hierarchy, nor the Exclusive. Part of the problem is that a lot of the comparisons between C&J and AS are from before AS started moving upmarket. What details about the AS do you find superior?
With both those brands I would highly recommend trying before you buy to evaluate the quality. They can be hit or miss.
The costumers did a great job on this show. Hannibal's clothing is out of the ordinary, but that makes sense for his character. He seems to love obscure and refined things. It would be kind of a mismatch for someone who cooks like Jose Andres to wear the most conservative, traditional, and nondescript wardrobe possible. I wouldn't try to emulate his style because I don't think it would work for me, but it's great eye candy within the context of the show.
Mine is on order.     I have to say, I was really shocked to see the difference between the website pics and the jackets in person. All the sample pics on the site make the jackets look bloated and formless, but in person the cuts are quite nice. We found that the size 38 fit just about perfectly and had no need for alterations to the dimensions (although I am changing some details of the zippers and pockets).
Wurger, you seem to prefer the AS Armfield to the CJ Audley, why is this? It seems like most people on this forum prefer CJ to AS, and the AS isn't "handgrade," but most people don't own both or have anywhere near the experience with cap-toes that you do.
Yes, they're often on Gilt and eBay for much less than retail. How much less depends on the model.
There are some online companies that make shirts to order. Two that are popular here are Proper Cloth and Luxire. Just find a shirt that fits you the best, take its measurements, and tweak them to how you think they should be. You don't have to go in to a tailor, just send them the measurements. In the case of Proper Cloth, you can have your first shirt altered for free once if it doesn't turn out quite how you want it.
Made by Marcolin last I checked.
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