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Cazal 607. Or it could be one of their variants of that model, can't get a good look at the temple from that picture. But the 607 is the iconic model.
What does the Margom sole count as, vulcanized rubber or just rubber?   I'm guessing these premium sneakers don't use polyurethane cushioning, which would explain why Nikes are more comfortable (and also fall apart from degradation after a couple decades). Anyone know any details on that?
 Maui Jim is still independent, I believe. And Luxottica lowers the quality of every brand they buy, hence the thread. Do you have an example of them improving the quality, not the profitability of a brand?
Snagged Band of Outsiders chinos from my dream box. They're green, but they were $30. Should be the made in Italy ones since I have the same ones in khaki. Thanks!
I like the Wolf vs Goat bamboo ones. Not only are they thin, but the material breathes and drapes much better than cotton. I haven't found anything cooler or more comfortable for hot weather (went to 107 the other day).
I'd look into raw denim selvedge options. They're more expensive than most jeans, but they will also last longer, so it probably evens out in the end. There are some options that are lower-priced but still very good, like Gustin, Naked and Famous, and Unbranded. The latter two you can find on sale, as well. All brands will offer multiple types of fits, if you don't want it to be baggy look for ones with a lower rise. Measurements should be readily available online.
Kris Van Assche went belly up about the same time. But we know what that designer is doing next.    I found that BoO fit me really well, but I've been moving away from the really fitted stuff. Quality was good, too, but I didn't like that they started making their stuff in China at the end.
Try starting another thread asking the same question. People are sure to like that, and you'll definitely get different replies than the ones you got from the first two threads.
Real riders tend to use composite protective gear now. With the advances made in the past few years in rider protection, biker jackets are moving away from their original purpose and into the fashion world, like the M65, trench coat, pea coat, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: