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Thank you. Can you comment on where the "Royal" line fits in? I'm a bit confused about the labelling within the brand and can't find a guide that shows the relative quality.
I read from a member here that Borrelli's suit making has been contracted out to someone else and they're not the same as they were before 2008. Can anyone comment on the quality of Borrelli's current suits? Are they still top tier?
Good points. I'm a sucker for crazy prints, so if they're going to be the limited runs, I'm glad I snagged a membership. Really digging the skeleton print I got a while back in particular.
I'll sell my membership to anyone who wants it for $200.                   ...I should probably clarify that that's a joke before some people get bent out of shape and others send me a bunch of stupid PM's.
So many monitors broken today...
While it may seem frustrating to deal with the divergent and varied whimsies of members, I would argue that WvG is successful precisely because it does this. It's not a household name brand that can put out whatever shit they want and still influence trends, or mass produce boring stuff to sell to people who only know labels. It's been successful because it's different, because it offers things that other brands don't. Things like transparency of manufacturing, unusual...
Anyone used the MTO program before? This is the first I've heard of it. I'm wondering if I can somehow use that to get the mid-length sleeve U-neck T-shirts everyone's been wanting. Maybe some true V-necks (not the really shallow V's), too. Love the fabric of the tees being used now, but wish I could get that drapey stuff in a slutty cut.
So if I understood this correctly, rewards members no longer get any special discount, but there will be exclusive fabrics and MTO? How does the MTO system work? Can't find any info on the site.
Looks more department-store Hawaiian shirt to me. What I really liked about SS14 Dries was that the floral prints looked a little different from what you usually see. I'll have to check out some of the more military-ish Dries that you mentioned, I seem to have missed those pieces amid the current flock of blazers.
IMO, it doesn't really look like something Dries would design. The print does look kind of Dries, but the garment itself isn't designed like his stuff. Maybe Off-White is doing that thing again where they take another company's clothes, put some decals on it, and mark it up 500%.
New Posts  All Forums: