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Jos A Bank cedar shoe trees on sale for $8.50
Cutler and Gross 0734, Cazal 607, Oliver Goldsmith Lord, and Morgenthal Frederics Stealth come to mind. Also, keep in mind that while sunglasses like the RB Wayfarers have been around for a long time, the injection-molded painted on stuff they're making now is nowhere close to the product they were making before. There are plenty of new high-end brands that emulate old styles like that but keep the quality high. They may not have as long of a legacy as other brands, but...
I've been seeing a Band of Outsiders one on sale at a few places that fits your description. I don't remember which stores stocked it, though, or if they still have it.
That's not even the largest polo logo one out there. I don't know where they get them, but I see Chinese tourists wearing these disgusting polos where the logo takes up half of the shirt. As long as there are ghetto people and newly rich Chinese, there will be clothing companies that will use loud branding to cater to them.
I like how he manages to offer nothing of actual value at every price point ("my undying gratitude"). Also like how he limited the number of people allowed for higher priced pledges, as if he has to curb the incoming tide of people whose lives can't be complete without him.
I might be wrong on this, but it seems like you wear stuff out a lot faster than most!
Do you know about how many wears they last you? I'm new to the whole style thing and am trying to get and idea of how to plan my wardrobe.
I'm guessing that they don't actually make them, but contract them out to someone else. I know their sunglasses are made through Oliver Peoples, and thus, Luxottica, for instance.
Yeah don't do the rolling bag. That alone could make you a campus celebrity.
I'd prefer all cotton, the poly feels kind of weird. But for the price, the detailing and construction are damn good. I don't know how they got away with the $290 retail, but under $40 is a steal and I'm happy with mine.
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