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Made by Marcolin last I checked.
Like this?  
Update on the Dot Mi order that was taking longer than expected: it came today with everything as described.
^ Pretty sure that was a joke.   OP, I would say there's nothing wrong with jeans and a t shirt at your age. That's the norm, and if you're tight on money there isn't any sense in trying to trump that. You might outgrow a lot of the stuff you get now in a few years anyway. 
Haven't heard of the fee on high value listings, but I guess I haven't sold anything extremely expensive on ebay. You can add a buy it now option to your listing for free. Ebay tells you to list your items low to start a bidding war, but it really depends on what you're selling. I usually place high starting prices on my items since I tend to sell more obscure things that a lot of people aren't looking for. When the right buyer comes along that knows what it is and what...
Mykita No. 1 line, probably the Rolf. Very lightweight and strong.
Hmmm I didn't even get a tracking number from them, though.
 I was wondering that as well. Got in on it a week or two ago but haven't seen anything arrive yet.
Thanks everyone, that's really helpful. I'd agree that the chest is the most snug area, and I do have a little room that I could take in on the midsection. The sleeves also could be slightly shorter, although I don't think I can make the cuffs any smaller because the watches I usually wear are just barely fitting in the sleeve right now. Even with that, this is the best fitting shirt I've had so far, and this experience has sold me on the merits of MTM shirts. Chris, do...
^ Looks like Moscot.   Usneun do you have a clearer pic?
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