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I was wondering this, too. No one's had them long enough to know, though, so that would be a question for Mauro or Gina.
Ok, got my pinot Big Bubbas today. Really interesting shoe. A few things of note:   1. I don't think there's a single picture out there that does these justice. They're much sleeker in person than the product photos, which make them look bulbous. And the color isn't flat at all, it has a textured burgundy hue to it with a grainy underlying pattern. It reminds me of a cherry's skin. 2. The grain corrected leather does feel plasticky, but not in the way that the usual...
 They are sooo soft. Probably a bad idea, though, because of how limp the fabric falls. Your bed would always look unmade. I'm hoping that they release some slutty tees in bamboo/sonora, even though it's not WvG's typical style. The ridiculous drape of the fabric would work really for that style, and set them apart from most of the stuff on the market.
Try starting another thread asking the same question. People are sure to like that, and you'll definitely get different replies than the ones you got from the first two threads.
Real riders tend to use composite protective gear now. With the advances made in the past few years in rider protection, biker jackets are moving away from their original purpose and into the fashion world, like the M65, trench coat, pea coat, etc.
Also, looks like we get free shipping now? That's pretty sweet...
 Goddamn it, Mauro, I told myself I was done buying shoes for the year. I'm so ashamed of myself right now.
It would be great to hear more about this leather, I don't think I've seen anything like it. Also, are these made in the same factory that you mentioned, or is that just the Nicos?
The bubbas do look pretty great in notwithit's pic. How does the leather avoid falling apart like most grain corrected leather? Is it more like a patent leather than a grain corrected leather?
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