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I think they convert everything to US sizes, using the set guideline that they have on the site (not accounting for variations between brands). At least, I've never seen them show EU sizing in the dropdown, and I did order a pair of shoes from them with EU sizing.
 Sweet collection, thanks for posting it. How do you like the Masunagas? Those are on my wish list, but I haven't tried them out yet.
 No, there's a code on the site banner that gives free shipping and returns for anything to the US.
 They aren't? They were the cheapest for a few things I've ordered, and their discounts generally seem pretty good. Obviously it takes some time for things to drop, but the % off is the same as the other popular discounters. And +1 on the boxes, those are great. And it's free 3 day shipping, too. I get stuff from them in half the time it takes Barney's Warehouse to deliver.
That's what they emailed me, might just be for the US. An item I was watching dropped from 50 to 70% off.
Final reductions on matches.
Glad you like it! I could have sworn I posted about them earlier, but apparently I forgot to add them. Serengeti is one of my favorite mid-range brands, especially the titanium models with the proprietary flex arms. The pair I had was very comfortable, and the optics are exceptional (better than many higher end brands). They specialize in polarized photochromic lenses with precisely designed tints. The darkness transition is not very noticeable, but in theory the minor...
 If you're looking for something really different, check out my sunglass thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/384084/a-thread-for-sunglasses-high-end-and-rarities-welcome It's dedicated more towards high end and unusual brands. Persol is one of the better Luxxotica companies, but it still is under the same corporate umbrella as Ray-Ban, Oakley, etc. Lux likes to recycle designs across their various brands when one proves successful, so you can get more variety and better...
Here are a couple examples of Salt Optics's new titanium frame design. The new design features monolithic titanium arms without acetate or silicon arm pads, and metal nosepads. Instead, the arms taper to be thicker towards the tips and hinges, allowing them to be flexible but sturdy. Normally I prefer silicon for its grippiness, but these frames are so lightweight that I haven't had any problems with slipping. The design has the added bonus of being more durable on the...
Here are a couple of Mykita's more adventurous 3d-printed Mylon sunglasses. In my experience, the earlier frames have more sealant applied to the surface and a smoother feel than the newer ones. The Romain Kremer collab features unusual zero base lenses (completely flat) and the Moncler collab has polarized glass lenses from Barberini. While the optics on the glass lens pair are very clear, the mirrored coating seems to have caused strange reflections within the lens to...
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