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Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense wtf there were a couple of things i liked do i have bad taste of smth id say the opposite
black lace up boots
Quote: Originally Posted by iVoRy Opera i use opera as well, but its a pain in the ass because many websites do not run on it
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Julius leather shirt. Someone buy this because it's too small for me but dope my frd IRL is selling that, its a sweet shirt. the colour doesnt show very well in pics
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele I would kop if it was all in the same colour. As it stands, I'd really wanting these two: Plus some Krane outerwear. The kop. It never stops. Top one is nice, what type of material is it? Looks like some sort of waxed canvas?
sucks for christian bale, hes got to lose a bunch of weight again for the fighter.... that much weight loss cant possibly be good for your body
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Compared to what you want (Rick Owens)I would say you would win the looks contest at least in the short term. Of course there is a serious downside to it too. What are you going to do with it when that style is no longer in vogue? It's a given that good leather lasts decades when reasonably cared for. To me the timeless styles with decades of patina is more interesting and unique not to mention it tells the story of the...
Lad Musician, Factotum and N Hoolywood are pretty "high end" I'd go with stuff like Hare, some WJK stuff, N4....etc
Quote: Originally Posted by cjl2g that mustard leather jacket near the bottom looks fantastic/ where in LA carries julius? maxfield's? anywhere else? i'm in hong kong for a couple more days, anywhere that carries julius as well, i don't like to proxy stuff.. only 3 places in hong kong carry julius the I.T. at pacific centre and the I.T. and silvercord and medium rare
i had this pretty dope leather jacket from zara, (its black) \\ was like 180 cad with conversion
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