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Quote: Originally Posted by Gekkonomics Levi's 510 Twill. Never went with skinny before, and probably for good reason. However, these look promising. Supposedly they aren't full blown skinny and do leave a little room. Should be here next week.
thrad updated with pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by stevenvg fucking amazing boots. damn, those boots went for 200...someone should be really happy!
APC Measurements Waist: 16" Thigh: 11" Hem: 8" Inseam 32" (was hemmed 2")
too bad my jeans didnt work out for you!
Sz 30 Apc Rescues, $60>>>50 Hemmed to 32" Passarella Death Squad Tee, Sz L (Fits like small medium, or even a small), $40>>>30 Worn twice Sz 31 Levis 511, $30 Worn 2-3 times. Spruce Longsleeve, Sz L, $40>>>30 (It's a dark brown.) Never...
english speak you?
can look awesome sometimes, as long as the fit is right
get a milsurplus backpack looking to get one, overdye it black and wax
Quote: Originally Posted by DesignerValet Looks like they gave Jake Chicago the heave-ho...... The Richard Chai peacoat was by far the best price/quality ratio item in the whole lot. For about the fourth season running, the "the archive" found it impossible to pick anything even remotely affordable. The cheapest thing you select is a $1.2k blazer, really? Though I hated those Balmain jeans, I do want something from their new men's line. If only a...
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