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Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense does number nine make any small peopel sizes lolwut
balenciaga? but its pretty much french now
I think what you're basically trying to say is that if you're good looking, well proportioned, anything will look good on you. Which is true.
I always die a bit inside when I see a young kid being accompanied by his/her lardass mom or dad, because that kid is usually doomed to obseity seeing as how he is forced to probably eat the same crap his parents
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Yes you're right, it's sooo pedestrian. It's pretty pedestrian considering the context...many parts of vancouver have higher median prices
Check the reference tags e.g. 5EH1015678 E47 B6A8 ',05 refers to the year (2005), EH' refers to the season, that is, Eté (Summer). HH refers to 'Hiver' (Winter). '101' refers to the item group, in this case, trousers (Pantalon). Other examples: 102 refers to blazers (Veste), 105 to shirts (Chemise) and so forth. Most dior by hedi stuff commands a nice premium
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira anything looks infinitely better than a bootcut fixed
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Ok so I got some Greens+... had hawaiian spirulina, japanese chlorella, and a whole bunch of other crap... Pretty much everything plant based - acai, goji, etc... Like 30+ ingredients.. We'll see how it goes. Tastes fine so far mixed with my chocolate protein shake.. maybe overpowers it a bit but not in a bad way... man make sure to start with 1 scoop...and slowly cycle up
Quote: Originally Posted by turbozed The best nutrition forum I've found is Sherdog's Dieting and Supplementation forum here: Sherdog also has a strength training forum: but people there will rip you a new one for mentioning bodybuilding/aesthetics training. T-nation is pretty much just the marketing arm of Biotest. They moderate any negative content towards their products on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by joel_954 GAYDAR: FALSE ALARM! "Now, nearly 10 years after the dawn of the metrosexual -- when straight men first dipped their toes in the proverbial waters of prettiness -- creative hairdos, fashion fever and meticulous preening are no longer the sole provenance of the gay." i never understood when people associate taking care of yourselves and look...
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