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who makes a really dope soft/warm hoody im talking like silk and cashmere
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Bro, bro, I'm NINETEEN! We're talking 190lb weights in my class. I'm not a 30 year old with my pro card. You guys are seriously so uneducated concerning the sport of bodybuilding. Hell, most of the professional bodybuilders I know, WITH their pro cards, have less than a size 10 foot, the majority of them 8's and 9's. Claiming that you would get 'marked' because of small feet? Are you SERIOUS? Small bone structure...
if anyone has a black suede pair with black crepe sole, in 10/ me zappos dont ship to canda
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn If you don't mind running in New Balance gears, which I am a huge fan of, check out I've been buying stuff from them for years, always had great service. Their prices are fantastic, too. thanks, that helps alot what would you recommend as an all purpose LS geared towards cold weather, but with temp control too?
I was wondering what site you guys used to order your running apparel, since winter is coming up and its already cold as balls far i know of, anymore? Ted Williams head used as batting practice...don't get your body frozen by those assholes at alcor!
if you can stretch your budget a little tiny bit, the ricoh cx1 and the fujifilm f200exr are perfect
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Did you guys miss Byron Leftwich the first few games this season? leftwich's QB rating is 30 pts more than russell lols, and leftwich was also not the first overall pick...
We all know how Michigan quarterbacks in the AFC East that weren't drafted in the first round suck ass... JaMarcus Russell man. I have never, ever seen such a bad quarterback in my 9 years of watching football.
That was a great play but I have to give more credit to Greg Lewis making the ridiculous play while Favre threw it into double coverage... I have to say, their is no starting qb in the nfl worse than jamarcus russell
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