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Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira What the fuck is this shit?!? Worse than the Max hype i've actually seen this guy downtown walking around took me all my courage not to point and laugh
number nine produced a very similar boot
people who live in vancouver, bc what are some relatively inexpensive places to get MTM shirts?
The best body weight workouts are the ones involving olympic gymnast style exercises heres a small article, im sure google will result in more man, planche pushups are pretty freaking hard
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum it's tight in the body, the shoulders are too big, and the wide sleeves look off balance with the tight body. i wish there were some peacoats with high armholes, slim sleeves, kinda like how rick makes his jackets. hoping toj will provide. rick actually made a peacoat, but the fit is pretty bad...too A shaped.
damn, i have a pair of these exact same jeans exact same colour exact same size and would not trade them for the world
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I haven't bought anything new in so long besides some +J stuff (which is perfect for me for work clothes). Pretty soon I'm gonna be dropping a whole shit load of money on Vass boots, though. did u purchase the chesterfield? hows the quality/fit on those?
that BoO stuff looks damn good. do not know how to reconcile with my yurius, RO anyone got the safety pin boat shoes in 10/10.5 pm me
man i would kill for the band of outsiders peacoat...anyone got this in whatever equates to a 46, knows where to find one lmk
i like gregg easterbrook more
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