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Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice Still thinking abou these boots.. James Perse Gap Uni-qlo Dior toe box looks too square shaped and elongated
whats a jean that fits similar to apc rescue in the top block but with a more tapered lower block? needs to come in a black wash tho
julius blazer, cloak jeans, ann d boots
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Wore my new Julius boots yesterday over to my younger brother's house for dinner. He said the high leather tops with pants tucked into them makes them look like girl's boots, since he only sees women wearing boots this way. Multiple insults then ensued claiming I dress like a "fashion fag", etc. Naturally, he's a work of art himself.... 50 lbs overweight with obvious belly and rolls Levi light blue dad jeans hiked up...
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Julius MMM hot fiya, sz 1 or 2? my 2 is a lil loose
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira This is weird... Think the only option for that severe of an hourglass would be bespoke. Even MTM wouldn't be able to work unless you got them tailored afterwards. And come to think of it, you (not BTR, just thinking aloud) could probably self-tailor a Julius-esque shirt with some trial-and-error was thinkin bout that option actually. i wear alot of julius, sz 2 seems to work because it has a fairly...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter At that point, seriously you're going to have soo few options. I couldn't even name you any with that much drop. Just find something that fits your neck and shoulders and get it tapered for $15-20. What are the chances of finding anything OTR. Either it'll be obscure, expensive, weird, etc. Just buy relatively normal slim shirts that you like and tailor them, that's my op. yea its slightly...
I need a slim button down for tucking that will fit an extremely V shaped torso (38" chest, 26" waist) pref ably no chest pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by buffalojump What is the female designer equivalent to something like Julius? I read about how rivets and zippers fail on Balenciaga motos after a few wears. That's for an entry level $3K jacket. sz 1 jut neck and maybe moto will deff fit a girl.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrizaBirch second or third waywt - or more like a week ago. olympics, hazy light. cheers. sns herning our legacy (cuff/collar kinda vis) naked and famous grenson boots i see you live in vancouver
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