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muscular/skinny are all relative to a persons interpretation...but the one thing that a man needs in order to look good in clothing is the V shaped torso. its just key for clothes to fit properly.
anyone willing to part with 43 MMM GAT's in white/gray suede?
some sprinters the calorie expenditures of marathon runners makes it physically impossible to retain excess amounts of muscle mass...however with sprinters, different story
Quote: Originally Posted by Adam24 ^^ Yep, those are the one. Really nice jeans with a fantastic cut. But from my experience, you should size-up if you've got bigger hips as they're really slim in the seat/thighs/hips. nice, if anyone has a 31 for me...or if you kno where i can pick these up
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Lad Musician tee W+H denim W+H boots same jeans? looks good!
Quote: Originally Posted by Rikkar501 No worries, I know it sounds a little strange. I have a muscular chest and a slim waist (plus wide lats that add to the whole chest measurement), so as I said finding the right fits takes alot of searching. Epaulet, thanks for the link! similar proportions here 38" chest, 27" waist
Quote: Originally Posted by Adam24 Julius (ram) leather Tankfarm Nudie Zara not a stickler for brand synergy or anything, but the jacket is a bit...incongruous with the rest
I think you're underestimating ur bf%, at 10% abs are quite visible
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason If I'm a 31 waist, usually buying raw jeans sizing down 1 to 30, and wearing 31 in UNIQLO's jeans/pants, will either a size 28 or size 30 MII Dior raw indigo 19cm fit me? Couldn't find much about the stretch or measurements. FWIW, im pretty much a 30 all across the board and the 29 washed were hella tight, but the 29 MIJ 19cm were perfect. 28 would probably be too tight...prob shuld go for a 29.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal That place is amazing. way funnier if it was a tad more subtle in its paraody
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