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time honored tradition: getting sloshed and eating mcdonalds i have yet to comprehend this strange phenomenon
that IH denim vest is insanely hells angel badass, but pretty steep...
junky william s burroughs
Quote: Originally Posted by Spyre This jacket is amazing! What is the the brand/model? looks like shellac
recently picked this 1 up - julius jut neck
Quote: Originally Posted by I Come with the Rain vest thing this looks pretty terrible
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I'm not disputing you but long hours does not equal soul crushing. It's just tiring. I worked 18 hr shifts in a fish processing plant in Alaska and I was fucking tired all the time but I didn't question humanity. Having people spend all day trying to make you go away is soul crushing. this
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness That's not sales, it's telemarketing. Summer job fail. yea u telemarket to sell right? well whatever, im not arguing over nomenclature. just want to show my respect to people who can do this day in and day out.
I'm a student working for a summer job right now, and man cold calling is incredibly difficult and demoralizing. anyone have similar experiences?
Either the white/gray suede or the matte all black ones. thanks!
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