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They did the maths ...
Capogiro made a push for it a few years ago (could buy its pints in NYC and they even did a pop-up) but then retreated. Shame, I really love their gelato.
     FWIW, all eligible Ralph Lauren sale items will have this graphic on the product page: http://screencast.com/t/Py1I8cDd Unfortunately, all of the RRL stuff is excluded at this time.
Must have the oxbloods...
It's almost selvedge jorts weather in DUMBO.
@joshgustin   You may or may not be aware but there's currently a Gustin thread over in /r/rawdenim that could use your attention.
Not sure if I missed it but 20% to 30% off via coupon BIGEVENT14 at East Dane with minimum spends (starting at $250). Wolverine 1000 Miles Courtlands for $280 (among others).
To answer my own question, I saw on another forum that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers worked wonders. I tested this on one of the temple tips and it worked very well. Decided to bite the bullet and clean the whole frames this way and afterwards they looked clean but dull. Another forum recommended either baby oil or EVOO to shine them up. I opted for rice bran oil (I only had unfiltered EVOO) and well, they look good as new. (Well, almost -- the lenses are a different...
I'm having the same issues with my Persols. Found this over at Lifehacker, which recommends more or less sanding off the issues. Anyone tried that method, or is the soap and toothbrush method good enough?
I was in the same boat - 38 Slims were smaller than my 35 Straights in the Japan Super Heavies. They fit tight in the waist pre-soak, and I did a cold soak with a sheet tray (13x18") in the waist. It tightened up a bit (I could hear them straining on the sheet pan in the bath tub as they soaked) but after a day of wearing them post-soak the waist did stretch out probably to the pre-soak size. The most notable shrinking was in the inseams (about 2"), thighs (about 0.5"),...
New Posts  All Forums: