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 More than a few good laughs were had at the expense of the motif. I suppose it didn't have the same connotations back in 1868 when it was founded!
 Both are self-tied, and seem comedically large in these photos, though in real life I assure you they appear far narrower. Forced perspective I guess. Many thanks, tho'!
Hello, elders of style and keepers of the flame of eternal sartorial intentIt is to you whom I defer to make a difficult choice. I have a choice of two bow ties to wear to return to college in the morn. Everything else is decided from the usual suspects. More under the cut!  [[SPOILER]]  All advice graciously recieved. Thanks gents!
 Ah, you know how it is, any excuse to dress up 
 I actually prefer it to, say, a button down or a semi-spread. It kinda pushes the bow forward in a way the others don't so it spreads forwards more, making it seem a bit narrower and less affected in my opinion, but your mileage may vary. It's my preferred way of wearing them outside of a formal environment. 
Evening fellas, (or morning, afternoon, or whatever time of day strikes you as appropriate)Deciding to shake things up a bit with a trusty burgundy bow tie.  The rest of the ensemble is made up of the usual culprits  [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks. I did sew them without any knowledge of where they should be, I'm glad I've finally been corrected on my placement! I should have done more thorough research beforehand tho'. 
Going to a college social later, needed something subdued, relaxed, but also formal.  [[SPOILER]]
Is that a tab collar my good man? Don't see very many other posters making such a choice, though the spreads and button-downs are the more commonly-seen, I feel like the tab has a nice rarity and uniqueness that you pull off with aplomb. I applaud you
WIWT Pants are the same as jacket, and black oxfords and tie were my Grandfather's No full body shot, oops!     Suit - OneSix5ive from Slaters Waistcoat - part of a three piece from Santinelli through Slaters Shirt - Daniel Hechter Tie - Vintage Shoes - Vintage
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