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Hmm, no one? 
Hey Guys,   For sale is my Suitsupply suit, 38R, that I have only worn once. I am going through my closet and making some room.   Color: Blue...but not navy. It's a sharp color, but hard to explain. It has a textured look without it being "textured," or having a windowpane look. The pictures do not do it justice. I have uploaded pictures, but can always take more upon request.   If you have never heard of Suitsupply before, I suggest you research the brand on the...
Rather than starting a new thread, I figured I would post here, bringing back a thread from the dead...yes, I use the search feature, resulting in this.   What is everyone's thoughts on this suit in charcoal / cream? I think it looks pretty sharp. I am looking to order one in the next few days.    http://www.sierratradingpost.com/isaia-multi-stripe-suit-wool-for-men~p~2845n/?colorFamily=07   Thanks!
  If only I would have known...I just dropped probably close to $600+ dollars on your website and $200+ on shoe care. Next time, I suppose.   Realtor
Mods, please delete.   Thank you!
I am looking into purchasing my first pair of suede shoes but am having a hard time deciding. I am a huge fan of loafers with a buckle so the Brooks Brothers Suede Loafer only makes sense. Quality aside, what are you opinions on the style of these:         Thanks!
I am just starting to look at briefcases and came across one from Suitsupply which I seem to like (Pictures are below). My only concern is that they are selling for $449; is the quality worth it? I really like the slim style that it has - I would only need it to carry: 15" laptop, notepad, iPad and a charger or two.    Does anyone have any other recommendations?   Thanks!    
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