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Anyone know about the quality of Erik Schedin's sneakers?   [[SPOILER]]   Better than Kent Wang V2s? Worth the $200 price tag?
Could someone please identify the shoes in this image?   [[SPOILER]]   Thank you.
  So is this an affirmative?
What are "the basic" solid t-shirt colors one should acquire for the beginning of a wardrobe? White, grey, and navy? Any others?
College student here currently planning out the rebuilding my wardrobe.   White sneakers appear as though they could work well with both chinos and denim pants. [[SPOILER]]    ( if I am incorrect please let me know! )   But my present query is: what sorts of shirts go well with both? It would seem to me that t-shirts only fit with denim, and Oxford-Cloth Button Downs fit better with chinos. Are polos ( I hear people here dislike them, not sure why though ) the only ones...
[[SPOILER]] It is sufficient to say I am new to this. Thus I could use some advice. Thank you.
I've been monitoring this thread as I too am an undergraduate interested in this topic with no knowledge to input. The idea is to dress oneself decently/well, not like crap.
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