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Hi everyone, I finally received my GAT's from microscop after almost 2.5 weeks after I sent him payment via Paypal (the amount of time for transport was actually 2 weeks). Microscop shipped with air express using his local post service from Germany to my location, Virginia. According to him since the package was under a specific weight it was able to ship under a category that did not receive tracking information; therefore, I did not receive a tracking number. A possible...
I can expect my greenlines to stretch a bit in the waist right?
Yeah, but I'm more on the skinny side so if you have an average built I'm sure you'll find them slim enough
Just received my Italian greenlines today! Quality is suburb and the denim itself is awesome because of the neppy and texture it has. I ordered size 29's which are kinda tight at the waist so I'm hoping they stretch a bit, unlike my N&F jeans. Also, I was hoping they'd be a bit slimmer but I guess I just have skinny legs. In conclusion, construction and quality looks spot on but for my case the thigh area could have been slightly slimmer.   IMO the back pockets are...
Should I size down on the flannel and how do they compare to their OCBD's?
I just got my flannel shirt and black skinny tapered jeans. I like the fit on the jeans but I'm not sure if I should down size on the flannel, I currently have a small. Do their OCBD's fit the same?   Should I size down to XS? sorry for big picture  
Any suggestions for a cheaper alternative to this Alexander Wang jacket?  
Hello, I'm a N&F noob and a denim noob in general, but I own a pair of broken twill's. Can some one explain to me what broken twill means opposed to normal denim? Also I have my eyes on the black power stretch wash's because I want a black pair of jeans; I was reading the previous page and some of you think they'll fade. To what extent do you think they'll fade?
When's the next time you're going to offer BlackXBlack?
I own a pair of the nyco's. I don't know how much more water resistant the other pants they offer, but the nyco's do repel water some what.
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