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I've always been fond of monk straps.
Thank you, Steve.
I'm a big Mad Men fan and there is one suit in particular that Mr. Draper dons every once in awhile. On his suits' lapel there is, what looks to be, a button hole, but it doesn't have a button across from it. Does anyone know what the point of it is? And if it has a specific name?      
Both excellent choices, but I'm leaning towards the velvet blue tux.
Oh, my apologies. Disregard my post.
I know of some people who don't really care for the look of just wearing a vest and no jacket, but to each his own. This look is a little more casual, but what seems to be popular is pairing a vest, shirt and tie with jeans.       A bit more formal of a look. Also, I think it really helps if you roll your sleeves up.
I agree with Sander that the pants should be a lighter khaki. And the shirt is a nice choice.
A navy blue tie would be your best bet.
Navy blue sportscoat, khaki chinos, and brown shoes. As for the shirt: a checkered dress shirt. In any one of these colors: light blue, pink, or purple.  
Tom Ford.
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